Ochi’s Grudge for JKT48 ?


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  1. PejantanTanggung says:

    I’f i’m not mistaken, ochi parents (ochi managements?) also handle Ochi twitter account
    esp when ochi twitter promote another artist/actor or Gavin (or if there’s an event announcement), it’s usually her mother
    (you can notice if you looking the style how she wrote her twitter)

    so yeah, i believe the one who wrote that ‘one year full of torture’ statement at twitter is her parents

    p.s : i can be wrong here, but i do have faith that Ochi isn’t that shallow

    • Angga says:

      That is something that I personally hope too.

      But then again the updated statement after that makes me feels that if it really is her parents or managements, how could they doesn’t even realize that the one raising questions is not her choice but rather her second statement ? This is something that is easy to comprehend and to take action to I might say :)

    • KageTora says:

      I agree with Pejantan, it is more likely than not that Ochi’s parents is involved in her career decisions, including her public statements (so does Cleo’s parent, I believe, and perhaps some of the current members’ parents). Nevertheless, clear stance should be made toward such statement. Let it be a lesson – a hard one – for everyone that are involved in someone else’s life to think twice before damaging the life of the one they support. Let Ochi resolve it later, when she is less dependant to other people. At that time, I’ll be ready to accept her back.

    • Chris says:

      I have no bad feelings to Ochi, but it’s quite unthinkable that her parents could post such a tweet.
      If it was really her parents, their way of tweeting is comparable to labile teenagers.

  2. PN03 says:

    Come on, its always similar pattern. Sensation only benefit to one side.

  3. Riezt says:

    what a blunder. Now thousands of jkt48 fans are chide her on twitter. Rather than defending her reason it’s better to admit that she made a
    mistake and ask for forgiveness. I wonder what ochi think right now, getting scolded by thousands of people on twitter. Well let’s hope this controversy ended as peacefull as possible.

  4. Sastrawan Tampan says:

    Diction blunder.

    Oh we’ll, your tongue, your sword.
    So long Ochi, not looking forward to hearing anything new from you again.

  5. Tomo says:

    Why did they leave from JKT48 for around 1 year just only? For example, the 1st genelation of AKB48 has been working for more than 7 years. Becasue they had already known that they can live just only in AKB memebers. If they once come out from 48, they will desaper sooner or later. I worry about Atsuko Maeda’s new career, acterss. Even now, I can’t gear or see any her success. Did they, Ochi and Cle0 be so famous? Where will their sweats and tears go far? But Ochi chose her love with Gavin. And Cle0 cofessed her hate against JKT48 OT. Is that all?

    • Angga says:

      Seems like they just don’t fitted very well with xxx48 hectic schedule and prefer the other way around. Hence, the reason for their departure.

      Nothing to do with Gavin tho’ :lol: , it’s her choice and it’s our job to respect it, besides Gavin is pretty talented as a musician. If we look from a positive side, at least we all now know the reason behind Ochi’s departure from JKT48. That is, she couldn’t cope with the hectic schedule JKT48 have. And now at least we know that netiquette training might perhaps be added as an alternative education for public figure or their representative on social media, if you what I mean ;)

      ♫ Capslock Capslock Everywhere ♫

  6. HERMAN says:

    Who the hell is Gavin??? And for Neneng: “Shame of you!”

  7. Tomo says:

    Oh, I see, Angga san. I was so excited. I am so sorry. I respect her new carrier:)

  8. Tomo says:

    I’ve read again and again the Ochi’s statements and also many reports and comments on the Japanese net media. I totaly agree Ochi’s right to choose her own life career path. I don’t have any rights to complain about her dicisions. But at the same time, I have the one thing that I worry. The JKT48 memebers’ overwork. During the early part of AKB’s history, they did 3 sessions per one day!!! For that reason, many members were down at the back stage or hospitalized. I heard Shania was hospitalized before. And Sttela was also down during their performance in the theater. I think OT have better consider the 1st generation’s fatigue at first. For instance, try to utilize the 2nd generation to be performed instead fo the 1st. sometimes. i.e. 1 day by the 2nd. so 1st. can take one day break during the 1 theater performance. But guess it needs time and training. Please don’t make more ex-members with the reason of the heavy overwork.

    • Angga says:

      Can’t agree more with that. I kinda worried about their health to be honest..

      • Tomo says:

        Angga san. Do you refer to my sentence “for instance, try to utilize the 2nd generation to be performed instead of the 1st. sometiems.i.e.1day by the 2nd, so 1st can take one day break during the 1 theater performance”? If my tactics were not enough to solve this overwork problem, we must develop better strategies to rilief their fatigue. On the other hand, just after JKT48’s album will be reseased in Jan.2013,JKT48 probably has to go their tour around the country., Indonesia with hard schedule. I mostly worry is that the forthcoming national tour will or will not occur health disorganaization among JKT48.. Please take care siriousry the memers health condition. Dr. and Nurses must attend the memebers everytime. Please wtatch and take acre.

        • KageTora says:

          I agree with the idea of one day break between performance, or even 2 days break after the 3rd generation ready. I believe in and support strongly the idea that theatre performance should be the core of their activities. Yet, in the end the girls must be prepared to expand to a broader field like TV programs, Radio broadcast, and Off-Air Events – including tours. The current overwork conditions are particularly apparent after they have their own theatre. I think they are now still trying to adjust themselves to the new workload before progress to the next step.

          Some of the girls have had their own showbiz career before joining JKT48 ( including Blanka and Ochi ). Being with JKT48 without perceived possibility for the continuation of their former career can make those girls restless. I believe this restlessness is one main factor that urges Blanka and Ochi to graduate early. I hope remaining members can be a little more patient with their current condition while improving themselves.

          (sing Shonichi) Impian ada di tengah peluh, bagai bunga yang mekar secara perlahan,
          usaha keras itu tak akan mengkhianati …

          Off course the fans here will always keep supporting and cheering them in theatre and through social media – especially when some of the girls looked down. As melody said : … it is not only our (the members’) struggle, it is also fans’ struggle

        • Angga says:

          Yep, trying to utilize the 2nd gen more. I mean even tho’ the 2nd gen were prepared for Pajama Drive, they still have enough girls to be incorporated to Team J once in a while as a sub :D . And your idea of one day break is the one I refer as I can’t agree more. That one is a very good idea and could add more variety to the girls schedule. A5-B3-A5-B3 pattern I might say ?

          Maybe you should send that idea and your concern to the officials as an overseas fans, I don’t know how big the chance of your emails to be even considered by the officials, but there’s no harm in trying right ? ;)

          PS : You also could send the idea and your concern in your native language (Japanese), the officials will not find any trouble at all with that :)

          • anakdekan says:

            I think the management is trying to do that, in the schedule in official site stated that 2nd gen Pajama Drive will held at Friday (once) and Saturday (twice) and on Sunday Team J will perfrom RKJ twice, so at least untill straurday team J can fully concentrate to reaherse their RKJ moves, (and also there’s a rumour that they will cover a song that have an hip hop influence-,maybe River or Beginner). Hint : Captain Kinal’s Tweet Last night ‘New Song is addictive!! Hip Hop Style eyoooo!!! hahaha

          • Angga says:

            I see, testing the water first for the new schedule ain’t they :D

            As time goes on, we could see more schedule shuffle going on. Great!

          • xzerozero says:

            wow… thx anakdekan. Your comment catch my eyes. I remember she tweet that before… but i dont take it seriously. And how about tsuyokimono yo from SKE, Kaze wa Fuiteru fr AKB.