Melody Named Indonesia Woman of The Year 2012 – Beritagar Version


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  1. Tomo says:

    First of all, I love to bring my Best Wishes for all the people related to JKT48Stuff. I hope you all enjoy this prosperous new year 2013 with JKT48. So looking back to this latest Melody’s news, I am so glad to hear the report, especially on the 1st day this year (happy holiday with all my family, in Japan). I heard that ( probably from JKT48Stuuf) Melody’s dream is to be the Minister of Agriculture. I belive she could reach closer to her dream. Ofcourse any politiciams need to propose each political policies to public. But at the same time they need popularity. She has got that at her early stage of career. I strongly wish her dreams come true in the near future. But on the other hand, I will miss her from JKT48 (lot of laugh!). THKS:)

    • Angga says:

      Yes, Melody’s dream is to be the Minister of Agriculture someday, hopefully she can realized her dreams :D

      Thank you and on behalf of the authors here I would like to say best wishes to you too Tomo-san :)

  2. Tomo says:

    I can’t find on Melody’s name on the show schedule from Jan.12th to 20th. What does it happen with Melody? I worry….

  3. Tomo says:

    Appreciate for your kind advise, Angga san. I try to think so. Yes, she is an unversity student. I forgot it:) I hope she has been doing well in her university activities “Ganbatte-!Melo!”

  4. Tomo says:

    I heard some information that Melo will graduate from my facebook friends in RI. Oh My! I can’t believe it, but fi she chooses another way, I should supprt her. But again I hope this news are “fake” or just “rumor”, “gossip”. Help me God…

    • Angga says:

      Well if the rumor proven to be true, it’s not something extraordinary since she has a lot of pressure from “fans,” especially those who childish enough to blamed her for a certain member departure.

      Hopefully she could endure it for another year or so, I believe she could do it, she’s a strong woman.

      • Tomo says:

        I saw the movie “DOCUMENTARY of AKB48, No Flower Without Rain” at the theater yesterday. In that movie, I could see so many fans’ childish and hearless twitter or Google+ comments toward Atsuko Maeda. This is the 1st for me to see those comments directly. I am amture about AKB48…So there would be many bad commnets with dirty words to Melody too(?). Is it a duty as possition “zero”?
        I can’t have any answers.

        • Angga says:

          About bad comments with dirty words about Melody…Yes, I’ve found at least more than one in an international scale forum sadly.

  5. Tomo says:

    I saw the video of “Just Alvin”, Metro TV on Tube. Again I found out Melody’s another attraction. I could see her generosity for all the members in her shy smile. I could see that she is really the elederest sisiter among JKT. I believe Melody has been enlighting all the members :wink: