Haruka’s ANN Interview Excerpt


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  1. indr@ says:

    I love you harukaaaa :-P

  2. Tokyo Pop says:

    Great job Angga!

  3. sunred says:

    I love youuuuuuu!!!!!

  4. Rifqi says:

    From all transferred members, the one seems to have enjoyed the transfer is Harugon. She is happy with her new language, and that makes me proud.

    Akicha… well, she doesn’t seem to be that optimistic than her partner, but I guess she is just shy and afraid. I hope Haruka’s optimism can be conveyed to her!

  5. Mark says:

    Loving Haruka a lot! and about the album news thing I was kinda hoping for jkt to release a single album before an actual full album so we can who in senbatsu or undergirls etc plus with the different album cover types it would be exciting but I guess those stuff only work in japan

  6. benimaru says:

    like me said, in Indo Gon is more famous than Aki..

    the best thing of Gon is her cheerful personality..

  7. indr@ says:

    It seems that Haruka really enjoy being a member of JKT48..
    While she is in Indonesia, she should visit other cities like Bali, Lombok, & Yogyakarta..

  8. benimaru says:

    this :) :)

    me hope they make haruka version for the next chap 8)

    btw, does Aki know about that manga??

  9. Febryandi says:

    the youtube video is suspended.
    where can I find another video?

    Please email me.
    Thank you before.

  10. Gorin says:

    The article mentioned that the interview is on 2012.. but… isn’t it supposed to be on 2013?

    I enter ‘130126 akb ann nakagawa haruka’ key words to search the interview in youtube and i manage to get the actual interview.
    I don’t understand one bit, of course, but still.. haha

    Sorry, random babble.. ^^’