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  1. Tomo says:

    I also saw “Kouhaku Uta Gassen” on Dec.31st(Ohmisoka = The final day of the year), 2012 on TV with my all family members in our living room togather. This TV program represents the final entertainment of the year for so many years in Japan. JKT48Stuff already refered this show. So I try to bring one spot light on another final entertainment show in Japan. It’s “Nihon Record Taishou(Just my private translation, not autholized), Japan Record GrandPrix” on Dec.30th, 2012. AKB48 won the GrandPrix again(They won on 2011 too). And more, the one thing that I was surprized was Mr. Yasushi Akimoto won the best lyrics aouthor award as the 1st time. I thought he won this award already with the legendary song “Kawano Ngare No Youni”, 1988. Sung by the legendary female singer, Ms. Hibari Misora. But Mr. Akimoto has not yet be awareded till now. From “Kawano Nagare”, I and many “Kayou Kyoku (= J-POP?)” fans already found out Mr. Akimoto’s talent.

    • sunred says:

      Akimoto-san surely deserves the award.
      AKB (and subsequently the sister groups)’s strength is not just limited to cuteness overload, but their songs are invigorating in their own ways.