Renai Kinshi Jourei is Officially the New Setlist


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  1. Tokyo Pop says:

    Wow,thanks Angga! soooo quick!

    • Angga says:

      Haha, no problem. I just standby on the PC earlier since I know you gonna do the translation super fast as always :D . Thanks Tokyo Pop.

  2. PN03 says:

    My only chance is by HAI magz, it surprise me that they already having an album (despite doesn’t have single yet). Who is the label company?

  3. Tomo says:

    Appreciate for your various and thoughtful ideas and informative reports as always. I was so surporised to hear Gaihda’s graduation just after “Renai Kinshi Jourei” will finish. I think she is the most energetic member among JKT48. I don’t know her exact reason to resign from JKT48. But I try to encourage her as possible as I can. Because probably she feels the huge responsiblity to perform as JKT48 member. So she will announce her resignation as earlier as possible as she can. She does not want to throw away her position immidiately. On the other hand, the remaing “original”, not “1st”, I want to call them,members will genearte their own true success sooner or later as like the original generation of AKB48 including Takahahsi Minami ( Now on JKT48, Kynal?), Maeda Atsuko, Minegishi Minami and so on. To conclude, I am so happy to have a chance to live the moments togather with JKT48’s success. Thank you for your reading. Best Wishes, TOMO dari Tokyo, Jepang.

    • Angga says:

      Hello Tomo-san, Thank you for the comment :D .

      Yes, I think Ghaida will still performing with the girls for I don’t know how long, but I hope as long as she could since most of us still want to see her energetic style on stage. I’m also hoping here that The “Original” members would strive to their best potential in the coming years.

      Let’s enjoy the girls journey together from now on Tomo-san. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu :D