Psychopathic Fans Haunting


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  1. djt says:

    For the writer of that fans letter. If you were her, what do you do? Over mid night, tired may be a bit up set because of the training not going well, you want to get some rest, and yet there is stupid fans asking for attention …. Please think don’t be such an egoist, she just a normal girls, no wonder if she want to quit…… For it is your right to do demachi but it is her right to give her attention to you.

    • Angga says:

      Another sign of personality disorder I might say, from the way he justifies and defended his action with an unknown reasoning. Pervasive disregard for the rights of others and a lack of empathy.

  2. sunred says:

    the sender’s so fcuked up. clearly a personality disorder! give him a job, or ask his mom to breast-feed him again.

    and yes, this is the tip of an iceberg.
    JOT needs to take serious counter measure to this incident.

    by the by, on second thought, maybe you should have published the twitter handle of the psycho.
    let other psycho deals with him :twisted:

    • Angga says:

      Haha, Nope, will not published his Twitter handle since the main point of this article is what you told above, the tip of an iceberg. God knows what they would do with the likes of knives, guns or even explosives to an extent.

      The officials really need to take this account into a much more serious matters.

      If only they would remember John Lennon or the most “recently” memorable one, the acid spraying letter bomb whom Ricardo López planned to send to Bjork. Fortunately, he chose to kill himself first before sending out the letter.

    • skyman says:

      psiko vs psiko, I think it will be endless war. Let this end by the time goes. Sorry for bad english :oops:

    • Chris says:

      If that personality-disordered fans still have a mind,
      He will delete his account soon after the flood of tweets began coming.
      But if not, well ,, the war wouldn’t be over.

  3. Moomo says:

    Angga, Nice Eye Catch! its really funny i think, but how can J0T can accept their fans (JKT) comes to see them at their practices place? :lol:

    • Angga says:

      I believe it was outside of their practice ground. Either around the theater or somewhere else. Very worrying indeed.

  4. Rezky says:

    i think u must to send this letter pic to JOT As Soon As Posibble :twisted:

  5. Penpen says:


    Actually I think this is not much of a big deal, but Ghaida herself did posted these that makes it look worse. Even she apologized for the things that is not her fault. Demachi-ing is not allowed, but she apologized as if she justified the fans’ action that is actually forbidden.

    But still, the guilty one is the immature fan.

    • Angga says:

      For now, yes, it looks and seems like not much of a big deal. The main point is not about the letter contents nor the alleged sender, this is just the tip of an iceberg as discussed a few scrolls up there :D . Better be well prepared rather than late.

      • Penpen says:

        well, this is my point, what I feared has come true, again…

        This small matter has become some sort of a big deal. Seems she (and many members too) still haven’t realized the effect of their status as a celebrity and their social media power.

        I hope this kind of fans’ actions are not the reason why she (or the other members, I hope not) wants to graduate.

        • Angga says:

          Well, sooner or later if the management doesn’t increase the girls guards and somehow discipline the chavs who do illegal demachi, we will see a case where a member prefer to just leave the group rather than facing those chavs. I’m afraid your fear will come to reality sooner or later.

          Anyway, Bad News is Good News for those people.

          But on the other hand, a bad news without any sources and with refutable facts is just a :)

  6. ROSAND says:

    saya masih tau itu twitt yg bilang semalam ini, twiiter nya klo mau nyari kebiasaan tu culik dia ini twitter nya ==> xxxxx

  7. Rifqi says:

    If I had known his twitter account, I would even go as far as stalking this guy’s account, track him, and “educate” him. I would even hurt him IF I could :twisted: , BUT that’s just an IF. Provided I’m particularly mad, I might have done that.

    About the media… there are several campaigns going on about cleaning Ghaida’s name by sending requests to the author of the article above, so that he/she may revise it. But no replies so far…

    Anybody care to help?

  8. kadenza wijaya says:

    teman2, tolong bantu menghimbau ke penulis artikel detik @yulliadian untuk merevisi tulisannya ya… (tentu dengan bahasa yg baik)

  9. CallMeBrad says:

    This is the first phase for a stalker in making. Ang, could you translate that detik article too ? google translate doesn’t help much…

    • Angga says:

      Yes, it’s all started from the tendency in some of Cluster B case. Anyway, I believe the article has been edited now and currently the article told the case chronology instead with Ghaida’s letter attached there.

  10. Holly Molly says:

    zombies, this is what i hate about jkt fans