Ochi’s sudden announcement


Idol fan from Singapore. Fandom is great. It makes you do all kinds of things, have all kinds of fun, meet all kinds of people and know all kinds of idols.

8 Responses

  1. Limit Post says:

    CONFUSE :-?

  2. Torque says:

    An update: They removed EVERY single tweet related to this. Not sure if it’s bad/good sign, but let’s hope for the best. :>

  3. Tokyo Pop says:

    Great message! I agree with you 100% and Good luck, Ochi! Gambatte!

    EDITED by Angga : Changed the name for proper credits to WasshoiJ

  4. sultan says:

    i am very sad for Ochi’s departure from JKT48 :(

  5. Moomo says:

    I dont know why the official delete it, seems suspicious :roll:

  6. Novita says:

    sedihh nya di tinggal ochi pdahall memberr favorit gw ini ,, goodbye w love you chi ganbatte :cry:

  1. November 24, 2012

    […] Comments | posted by Angga | in Announcement, English, Translations As a continuation from the previous post by WasshoiJ; It’s now official ladies and gentlemen. Ochi’s graduation has been announced on JKT48 […]