Happy Birthday JKT48 1st Generation


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  1. ekapen says:

    Wow, awesome! I personally love it, and i’m sure the members would love to hear these! Nice work!

    Somehow many of the songs reminds me of Ragnarok Online soundtracks. They have the same kind of feel… :wink:

  2. Torque says:

    Haven’t heard all 24 of them, but I can say I TOTALLY LOVE THEM. I love what I heard, and this is awesome. You are awesome. And happy birthday, JKT48. \o/

  3. KageTora says:

    Wow, …. Wow. I have no word to say. How do you do that? I mean, how do you come to decide which song for which girl? somehow I become to know each girl better after hearing this… and Cleo’s part is just scary. She does have an aura of mystery, doesn’t she?

    • Angga says:

      Hmm…mainly from their tweets and how they react to fans tweets back then :lol: . Also from the videos they uploaded, official videos, the pictures they took and sometimes from their past stories and real life situation that involved them and the fans (Remember Melo’s Gate). So yeah. Actually , Melo’s one got a lyric.

      For Cleo, yeah, she kinda have this something about her, the image that I got from her is happy on the outside but…sensitive inside. Plus she uploaded her picture acting like Sadako once, hence the ghost story effect :lol: .

      I have all the images I got from them on the fan letter, but to post the fan letter here is kinda…..well..you know :lol:

  4. MaZRoY says:

    Waoww.. I love all the songs.. the first gen members would love receiving your present.. I laugh so hard hearing Cleo Song for the first time.. when i heard the laugh I goes 8-O what the… XD and now i’m wondering how they react when they hear Cleo’s song wkwkwkwk ^^!.. and Jeje song is epic too.. you have succesfully make me waiting for the duck sound all the way to the end of the song wkwkwkwk ^^!..

    great Present Angga.. and Happy Birthday to Our Dearest JKT48 1st Generation!

    • Angga says:

      Thanks mate! :D . Naah I don’t think they gonna hear it :lol: . Yep, Happy birthday our dearest JKT48 1st Gen! :!:

  5. onel says:

    I really enjoy the music..and every single of them really represent the member..nice work guys..thank you
    My favorite one is Oriental Panda

  6. Tokyo Pop says:

    Hi Angga,

    I enjoyed all the clips,thank you! Great music!

    • Angga says:

      Glad you like it Tokyo Pop :D . Hoping here that you could watch the live stream later on from your business trip place :D