JKT48 Online Shop : At Last !


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5 Responses

  1. Angga says:

    No photo packs yet, but I’m sure they gonna add something new in there.

    Unfortunately, this is not the kind of online shop I have in mind when I saw that link when they announced the new design. But well, at least this will do for a while although still doesn’t help overseas buyer whatsoever. Just be happy that they have the online shop features :lol: .

    Nonetheless, this is much much more better than the old one.

  2. WasshoiJ says:

    Would like to know what they sell at the theater shop though. If anyone has any more info please~

  3. Zulfikar says:

    their use rakuten so it look like shop on mall.of course rakutes is the mall :D.

    and why they use rakuten (my opinion) :
    1.rakuten already a famous online shop (in japan).but they are still new in indonesia.
    2. with join with rakuten,they can reduce internet payment gateway cost,because rakuten already have it.
    3. rakuten is one of online shop in indonesia who have many option for online payment.
    4. JOT don’t have to build new ecommerce site :p.