JKT48 and CD Debut Part 02


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4 Responses

  1. PN03 says:

    Bigger label company mean JKT will get wider distribution link and bigger promotion budget? What if they
    release it in JPN too? I guess 48 Central Headquarter (AKS) will chaining JKT to Record Label Company in JPN
    and promote them widely in JPN instead of INA. I know it sound stupid but this my honest opinion :cry:

    • Angga says:

      Depends tho’, if they decided to signed with one then yes, wider distribution and bigger promotion budget from the label. I’m not really sure about distribution in Japan. The official guide book main license holder is a Japanese company, but I still haven’t heard they published the book there. Tokyo Pop will probably let us know if the official guide book is being released there.

  2. FIANHYDE says:

    I Hope JKT48 will sign with the one big label in indonesia like Sony/Universal. but i also want JKT48 CD’s is like their sister the packaged the booklet or everything. but since JKT48 is overseas group i don’t think that will happen. I’ll choose they produce the CD’s as Indie and sell at Theater and also Rakunten, I think… for the start it’s a good enough for JKT48 :)