JKT48 2nd Generation Audition Ep.02


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  1. PN03 says:

    Fiuhh long way down scrolling here, you translator guys (angga+TOKYO POP) really something (in a good way surely). Anyone that generously answer my stupid question. Why on earth they aired pre-final audition? is this common in other 48 audition in JPN? hehe i hope not bother you guys

    • Angga says:

      Thanks! I’ll relay your questions to Tokyo Pop and the other authors about their own opinion for the show. As for Japan itself, I have only watched the Morning Musume 4th Generation Audition so far :lol:

  2. Tokyo Pop says:

    Nice to meet you!
    As far as I know, we have not any kind of audition TV show by 48 family in Japan.I don’t know why Akimoto-san never put it on TV.
    I enjoy the JKT48 audition show broadcast by RCTI though there are too much tears and moving scenes. But I think the business model of AKB48 itself is something like a reality show,anyway. You can see a flood of tears on the AKB Sosenkyo — general election which is broadcast live nationally.