Get To Know JKT48

Sergio Mario

Just that average Indonesian guy with a very big dream and Imagination in his mind. Call me anything you prefer, but my friends know me as Gio. ~Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~

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  1. PN03 says:

    Hello Gio (is if i call you that make me become your friend? just kidding though). So may i ask why Aki P choose INA (our lovely country) to become nest of one 48 family? there already Singapore with official AKB shop, is it true that there are government involvement here JPN+INA in this project? Sorry for many question but i am sure you have deeper intel resource than me. Yoroshiku

    • Sergio Mario says:

      Hello there,
      As you know, Jakarta has an estimated population of around 8 million people. Unlike singapore and our other neighbouring countries like Malaysia or the Phillipines, the number of population we have here in Indonesia may attracts lots of bussineses around the world. Aki-p might have already thought of this and plan some marketing strategies to attract the Indonesian people into starting to be aware of JKT48 and its franchise. If Aki-P somehow successful of doing this, it won’t be a surprise JKT48 would take over and dominate all the markets in Indonesia, just like how akb48 is doing now in Japan, and it is possible that jkt48 would even do better than them.
      Another reason also to argue is how the Japanese culture is more familiar in Indonesia compare to how it is in another countries. Eventhough the kpop wave is felt lately by all the Indonesian people, Jpops and Jrocks in Indonesia is still very dominant also. In fact, before JKT48 was announced, the stuffs and crew who managing akb48 did some research which shows that Indonesia has more percentages of being familiar about Jpop and other Japanese culture compare to another countries like China, Singapore, Thailand and Korea.
      Its all have been taken into account by Akimoto Yasushi himself wether it is good or not, benefitting or disfavouring and other stuffs like that for him

      I hope I give you a good explanation
      Thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it

  2. PN03 says:

    yes thanks, i see this is very reasonable. Highest population in south east Asia and popularity of Japanese Pop Culture (music, manga anime and game perhaps). “JKT48 would take over and dominate all the markets in Indonesia” it would take time, even now JKT48 doesn’t have official shop yet, its almost one year.

    • Sergio Mario says:

      Yes, just like akb, it would take time to be able to achieve that target, and we are talking 5 to even 7 years from now.
      And what you ask about possible goverment involvement in this project, I absolutely have no idea. But in my own opinion, such things couldn’t possibly happened here. Jakarta chosen as the first cities of 48 family quaters outside of Japan is just happened with an obvious reason, and tey are like what I was saying above.
      But really, I absolutely know nothing concerning this kind of stuffs. However, there is nothing to worry about, since I (and others perhaps) couldn’t really think of any bad possible outcomes if the Indonesian governmwnt did actually involve here