Pajama Drive 13-3-2013
A Trainee performance Review from djt. This review might contained his own opinions to the subject matters.

Today I watched Pajama Drive. As always for a KKS show I went there without any plan. No email just went straight there. I checked on the member list, I saw Ayen, Vinny and no Octi, so Ayen and Vinny will be the center, which is good for me.

I arrived at theater on 6:30 PM and the Waiting List is around 40, well I quite happy with that, because that means the trainees already have fans that willing to watch. 6:45 PM I entered the theater. Ikha doing Kage ana. Well she still need to learn how to announce ^^;. As always the first 4 song they doing superb not even team J could do this with the pace of Pajadora choreograph, team J most likely will a bit mess up.

Now on unit songs we have Nadila, Rachel, and Yupi. Ok the last name means quality :D yup maybe not too perfect because they seems to change the choreograph a bit by putting on some details on the dance, but this is still good. Next Pajadora, the main KKS Pajadora formation which consist of Ayen, Deli, and Tata. 1 word for them : perfect. Bye bye Shanju, sorry I need to say this to you, you’re great, but Ayen and team is on different level, there are some differences between Shanju and Ayen, Shanju tends to match her pace with the team, but Ayen tends to bring up the team to keep up with her. And yes Tata and Deli now can keep up with her. Grats Ayen. next is Junjo, the main is Via, Noela, and Acha. On back dancer we have Shinta, Uty, Yona, Sisil, Karin , and Ni-chan. suprisingly they good, well but for personal preference, Ikey, Ve, and Cistel still better :P. After that we have Temodemo. Vinny and Nobi is the performer. Vinny is good but again she not sync with Nobi. I think Nobi need to follow how Vinny dance. Now we at the last unit songs. Kagami, we have Hanna, Sinka, Ikha, Nat, and Lidya. 1 word for them perfect. Ok maybe Hanna not as strong as Kinal but the other 4 is balancing the center, so we have a balanced kagami and not a solo performer with 4 back dancer. This Kagami have 5 performer and is really nice to watch ^^

Next 3 song is 2 Years Later, Inochi and Kissu shite. Somehow they change the pace of this 3 songs to be faster and have more detail than before. The KKS perform it greatly. After this we have Boku no Sakura, this one they perform it a bit off, I think because this kks is prepared to have Team K setlist, so they trained to dance with fast pace. and Boku no Sakura is the only slow pace songs. And they a bit missed ^^; not bad, but still not as good as the other songs.

Next is Encore songs Wasshoi J, Suifu arashi, Shiroi shirt. They perform it very good, specially on Suifu Arashi, because KKS power is overwhelming. Now we done all 16 songs and we have Kimisuki as bonus songs. After 16 songs, the KKS still can perform Kimisuki perfectly. I think Ayen is performing it better then Akicha, sorry Akicha but she beat you already. The JKT’s Yuko is not just on lips, but she is the next Yuko.

Conclusion, IMO KKS is ready to promote to team K4, maybe not all only 20 of them. Member that perform today is deserve to promote to team K4. and for Ayen, she’s on another level, as I said before she is the best performer of JKT48, and still the best performer until today. I’m a Ve oshi, i just try to be fair and honest. Maybe she’s not the best dancer, maybe she’s not the best singer, but she simply the best performer. To see her perform is a pleasure. Ok that’s all, thanks for reading ^^

I love photography and just a normal JTK48 fans ^^

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  1. hey, Reply

    thank you for this review!

  2. Tazawa Kenzi, Reply

    AKB -> Team K
    SKE -> Team K2
    HKT or JKT -> Team K3 or K4

  3. Tomo, Reply

    I just suppose. The selection among KKS will be done. And some ones will be upgraded to team K with some or one person from team J will move to team K as the captain for team K. Just suppose. Allow me:)

  4. Djt, Reply

    Hmmm yups i put there k4 because its better that k3 is from hkt. Anyway for team J i think the total number of member already ok which is 20-23. While the kks today is 29. So i think if kks promoted, it would be better if team K4 also have arround 20-23 member. Of course the member that not promoted will stay in kks and will join with the gen 3 kks. To have 29 member in 1 team is a bit too much i think….

  5. cocoax, Reply

    “…I think because this kks is prepared to have Team K setlist, so they trained to dance with fast pace.”

    is this real? may i know the source is?

    thank you very much ^^

    • Angga, Reply

      Just a rumor I guess? I dunno, perhaps djt could explain it to us :D

      Anyway, I have some different opinions to what djt written about the 2nd gen. Will try to post one later on :)

      • Djt, Reply

        Yup that’s only rumor. Because team j got a, so maybe team k4 will get k. Well it purely my tought.

  6. Djt, Reply

    Hmmm it’s official now, team k3 soon will be formed ^^/ well as i said, they deserve it ^^/ congrats to kks

    • anakdekan, Reply

      Yup Team K will be formed but they doesn’t announced who will be in it so it’s a long way to go and we might be have surpirse in the future (like maybe some of traniee will promoted to team J or some of them won’t promoted to team K and still trainee)

      • Djt, Reply

        Well i also hope not all gen 2 promoted. Maybe just 20-22 member that promoted. The rest still kks and join gen 3. I wonder which set list will they play? Setlist k or b? I hope k5

        • anakdekan, Reply

          I Hope they will perform K4 so they will head to head with SNH48 Trainee who rumorred will perform the setlist for their first stage :D

  7. Tomo, Reply

    Before talking about KKS, I belive that we have better think about Team J (the original JKT48) at first. Who did generate JKT’s current national position in Indonesia? Did KKS do? No. The original JKT48( in other words, Gen1) could make this fact happened. So I think that we have better admire the “original” JKT. Because KKS just have been walkng along on the road that “original” JKT48 created. Did I say strange?

    • djt, Reply

      Actually all JKT48 fans is admire team J ^^, but most of them left KKS alone. for example on theater team J always full(not mention that outside there still many people didn’t have ticket) while kks almost half of the seat is empty and the security sometime asking fans to watch the show. So what i want to tell is, please share a bit of your love to kks, they also part of JKT48 and they need your support more than team J, and today they already at same level regarding theater perform with the team J.

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