Lifenesia: Kaze wa Fuiteiru Handshake Festival


Italian guy living in Japan. I like all 48 groups but JKT interest me the most. I wish to contribute to their popularity in Japan and see them do an event here! Team J = Veranda, Gentiga = Nina, but my oshi is Ayen :) I never wanted to support someone as much as I do her.

2 Responses

  1. Johny Cendol says:

    I wonder how many copies they have sold for this single. While gathering 10.000 people seems to be a big number, but this number is not so big in term of record sales. Even if each of person attending this event have 5 copies, its only reach 50.000 copies.

    • Rurung says:

      The physical copies that are related to Hand Shake Event are the Theater Edition (CD ver. with HS ticket bonus). You have failed to consider the:
      1. Regular Edition (CD+DVD with photopack bonus)
      2. Limited Edition (CD+DVD with other special bonuses)
      3. Digital Edition (Digital Download)
      which have much wider distribution than the Theater Edition.