Indonesia’s JKT48 Iwate PR


Italian guy living in Japan. I like all 48 groups but JKT interest me the most. I wish to contribute to their popularity in Japan and see them do an event here! Team J = Veranda, Gentiga = Nina, but my oshi is Ayen :) I never wanted to support someone as much as I do her.

19 Responses

  1. jpaa says:

    I hope the show will air on NET TV

    • somedude says:

      Agreed , their broadcast quality is better than any other major local tv channels .

      • silvesterkayr says:

        Agreed! But still im questioning the concept of Net’s newest program iclub48..its kinda lack of purpose, i hope..NET do their best to give audiences the interest of JKT48

    • Fujiwara says:

      well i hope it will be aired in Net tv too. . .the only Tv channel in Indonesia who upload their broadcast in youtube and all in HD quality. . .

  2. HERMAN says:

    iclub48 is absurd. Or, if i may say, …ridiculous.

  3. abid says:

    sorry to bother you, Mr. Wotaliano..
    what is “PR” anyway?
    i dont know what it means..

  4. animevoicejanai says:

    Doesnt’ it for waku-waku tv channel?

    • Razgriz2520 says:

      the show for waku waku japan is the one when they’re in Okayama (Melody, Viny, Ikha, & Nabilah)

  5. glx48 says:

    Aahh iwate right? Suddenly ama-chan come to my mind.. I hope they have a good time there and I can’t wait to see Andela!!

  6. silvesterkayr says:

    Argh…right maybe this is for waku2 japan, i really want to see Sato Nanami accompany them, she is so damn cute..

  7. jpaa says:

    ANTV guys (-.-‘)