AKS Statement on Assault at Iwate Handshake Event


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10 Responses

  1. Akiriku says:

    Wow! 8-O
    How could this possibly happened??

  2. KingKongnya Yona says:

    I was afraid that something like this would happen sooner or later… :/ I hope Indonesian fans never go this low.

  3. Peacecraft says:

    If it happen in Indonesia… sure! he (the f*cking fan) will die… you know why??? cz I’ll kill him! :twisted:

  4. benimaru says:

    and me thought Indonesian fans already extreme..

    were there no security check before?

    but yea, it seems this kind of things will not happen here yet.. because if there are antis who wants to eradicate some specific member, those members fans will surely butchered those antis…literally

    hope the assaulted members are fine, physically and mentally…

  5. ta-chan says:

    I’m really shocked. When i heard the news, it’s really heartbreaking. How could fans doing somethig bad like that. I’m feeling really sad for what happen to staff, kawaei rina, and iriyama anna. :””(

    They just ordinary girls. I think something bad like this will take sometime for them for recover, especially their physicology.

    I hope something like this never happen again to the others 48 girls.

    Well, if there’s anyoe who tried to do somethig bad to JKT48 member. He absolutely will be beat up on the venue by all fans. Not going to police office but going to hospital right away!!! :twisted:

    • gorgom says:

      yeah…hospital…if he’s lucky enough :evil:

      gws ricchan, annin and staff-san :(

    • ken says:

      Don’t worry about their mental state. They are a strong girls both of them. This incident will never kept them from performing and meeting with their fans. Just hope they will recover fast. Hope that there are no more incidents like this happen especially at JKT48 handshake events. Judging from the messages, I’m sure if anyone try to do the same thing to JKT girls, they will be beaten to death :evil: by the fans before they apprehended by the authorities and ended up in critical state.

  6. somedude says:

    Psycho exists y’know , you might not know it , it could be someone that looks very harmless on the outside , but inside he’s full of madness :twisted:
    Boredom , pressure , and depression could drive a man insane .
    I hope this kind of thing won’t happen again in the future , or they throw away the “idols you can meet ” concept .
    Anyway , i hope Ricchan , Annin , and the staff get well soon .