Haruka Nakagawa – Her Decision


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  1. yhyksk says:

    how about her popularity in japan right now? rise or down?

  2. benimaru says:

    “It might be that Nakagawa is the one who proves that 48G is truly the “National Idol Group”.”

    her name already recorded in history book of 48g (maybe even in japan entertainment history)..

    she will leave JKT someday, and by that time (maybe) she will already a legend both in indonesia or in japan 8) 8)

  3. Akiriku says:

    Their stage.. it’s very nostalgic, even Harugon said ‘nobody changed at all’, I might ended by shedding a tear if I watch it directly :cry:

  4. jpaanugrah says:

    i have some question, coz its bothering me for so long.
    i hv read about haruka not interesting to continuing her edu to college,
    is other member too in 48g?
    coz in jkt some member do both college and jkt activity.
    its interesting after i follow akb for this few month, i never heard they go to university (not include the grad member)
    correct me if im wrong.
    thanks :)

    • Yui'i says:

      I am curious too, There are the answer?.. ><

    • benimaru says:

      because for a well developed country like japan, entertainment industry are much more promising..

      a cousin of mine in japan, had a part time side job, as a document courier.. even with his side job sallary, he can already cover some of his monthly expenses (which make his scholarship fund preety much untouch).. imagine what you’ll get if you’re a well known star in the showbiz 8)

      no wonder almost all of the girls at 48g try to “kill each other” to get a spotlight

      the contrary is in under developed country such indonesia.. the only promising thing that can keep you survive is education..

      • jpaa says:

        ya ya i read that too :)
        about part time job there is survey about it, that who have job part time in japan become poor in age about 40 coz they to old to hv part time job.

        maybe im indonesian and think that edu is very important for us, and feel weird when i heard about edu and part time job in japan. thank youuu.
        well, yeah sorry for the OOT and my bad english haha

        • benimaru says:

          relax bre, it’s not even our mother language..

          why we should be worried when making one or few grammar mistakes anyway?

      • Breaker says:

        Indonesia is not categorized as an under/least developed country. Under/least developed countries are those such as Somalia, South Sudan, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Myanmar and the likes. Indonesia is considered as a developing country and one of those so-called emerging ones. Indonesia is the only ASEAN representative in G-20. No other countries from Southeast Asia apart from Indonesia that have huge enough GDP to be part of G-20.

      • BosokuIndo says:

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  5. toukairin says:

    Japarta-san, what is “frisked”? I only know frisking is body check like in airports :D

    • Tokyo Pop says:

      Of course airpot!
      Maybe, “skip for joy” or “caper about joyfully” something like that?

    • Japarta says:

      Wow, sorry. “Frisk” doesn’t fit here.

      Please see Tokyo Pop san’s comment,
      He is right. ^^

    • Breaker says:

      ” I only know frisking is body check like in airports”.
      That’s frisk in verb form. What Japarta meant is frisk in noun form which means: An energetic, playful movement or antic; a frolic.

  6. PN03 says:

    The one and (maybe) the only succesfull overseas transfer member.