JKT48 Manatsu no Sounds Good Direct Selling in Surabaya


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  1. Bonek48 says:

    iye – iye yang sok cool deket eskalator sambil jepret member :lol:

  2. HERMAN says:

    Why……why does the price always high. Sometimes i just wanted to support my oshi, but it’s ended with being robbed by (greedy) Jot.

    • GunGun says:

      Robbed by JOT?! They never robbed and will never rob anybody. All JOT do to you guys is simply providing the means to support your Oshi: Selling music record and other swags, that is. By conducting their JKT48 business, JOT actually HELP you to ease your insatiable thirst of JKT48 Idols. Whether to buy it or not, the decision is absolutely ALL YOURS. Please, don’t be one of those guys who always fail to take responsibility of their own action and decision.
      Anyway, the decision regarding the music record (CD) price rests not only on JOT shoulder, but also on other parties, HITS Records and JKT48 Project Staff/AKS namely.

  3. yamidans says:

    hahaha,lucky you :-P
    i got in venue at 10.00 a.m but same with you,that’s tooooooo long line to made me lazy to queue XD
    so i’m queued in 2 p.m(but still long,jeez..) and surprise,staff announced if CD is SOLD OUT one and a half hour later!!!
    but i’m still don’t get my CD TT ,i just get DVD concert :’)
    And more surprise is,this time police is called to event because usually SBY48 fans and radio partner given the task to secure DS
    Thanks god no chaos this time(like Honda event last year),hahahaha
    Hope Hits/official brought more CD if they want to DS again in Surabaya,because there are a lot of fans who still don’t get CD

    PS:Inyi cantik sekali!!! :oops:

  4. dualmie_is says:

    Could you translate this video .please http:// youtu.be/-zAO0YGeSuQ @youtubeさん

  5. Danny says:

    just got read this article.. ^^

    actually, i’m not even think that i’m got robbed by JOT.. my logic think is.. if u won’t got robbed.. then why you still buy their product’s ? :)

    i came to that place that day just for look around.. i’m watching.. and enjoying what young generation get their attention mostly ^^, and i got surprise.. just because 3 little cute girl.. this hundred.. maybe thousand ppl came right before that mall open.. just to see them.. its amaze me..

    got Salute for JKT48 from me ^^