Soto and Sushi Diplomacy


another fans who found sanctuary in FX 4th floor by being some smart aleck

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  1. emmie48 says:

    The closing is the best!!! I love it!!! Kompas always have good “taste” in their articels!!

    “In ASEAN, since long ago, Japanese people always had some specific emotional feelings with Indonesia,” added Tanaka

  2. Cl4p Trap says:

    What JKT48stuff respond related to JKT48 Story and HitsRecord latest policy about uploading “their” stuff?

  3. Tomo says:

    Yesterday, I visited one international organizaation which connects ASEAN region and Japan in Tokyo. I was guided by one female staff whom I knew to meet the director of inductry and tourism exchange department. Fortunatly he was an Indonesian. I really wanted to discuss about my client (children’s wear manufacturer)’s business in ASEAN, as their 1st milestone. especially in Indonesia. I pointed out if we do any business in Indonesia, we cannot ignore Islamic value. But he (understood what I wanted to say, but) gave me one hint. “Pancasila”. He also said it looks like “BUSHI DO (The way of Samurai)”. For me, among recent and modern Tokyo urban life, it can be highly difficult to witness “BUSHI DO”. But if I try to change my point of view, I can see many “BUSHI DO” even now. i.e. Without any, the Japanese working persons who are working steadly and honestly as many company staffs and freelance creaters, marketing researchers and more and more. BUSHI (Samurai) worked steadly and honestly to establish their skills and for their masters. “Pancasila” is the national concept of the country unity beyond religions, isn’t it? The director asked me to understand Pancasila as first. I thought my eyes were opened by his hint. I thought that I sticked to religious mattter. I explained him that I will exhibit the booth at the one tarde show in Jakarta next month (unfortunately, I will not be able to have a time to go to fx). He prayed for my success. The meeting started from 10:30AM till 12. So I took him to lunch. Then I re-started to talk again till 2:30PM. Never stopped. We stated together to be friends and keep in touch, even though he will be back to Indonesia. Like a small fire on the oill aroma lamp which I gave him as my gift, I hope our friendship will be a small, but substaintial thing between us, it’s OK, if it is a small. But the fire can warm the friendship. Can we be “SOTO and SUSHI” relationship? I am already confident :wink:

  4. benimaru says:

    Tanah Air ≈ Mother land