Trainees – They’re Not The Underdogs!

Pitra Satvika

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  1. Enrico A. says:

    I am usually “sengit” when talking about Nobi, one of my least liked members of all teams. But last time I went to BnT, she’s kinda like a different performer… I am now awaiting for her further improvement.

    But for me her MC still sucked, though! xP

    As for other trainees, I put a lot of hope for them to be promoted, I sure hope JOT at least contemplates on promoting 1 trainee to replace Kariin and 2 trainee to fill up the “quasi-emptiness” that Akicha and Rena left behind.

  2. Annie Tjia says:

    When I read through these 8 trainees and saw how they were very happy to perform in RKJ, I became aware that sometimes we kinda abandoned the trainees and only focus on Team J and KIII. it gave a slight pang, though I didn’t even watch the show. It’s like, I finally realize that trainees are also a part of JKT48. And they deserve to be given a lot of chances perform more in every setlist, and in various position. I hope they get immediate promotion soon. Good luck for all trainees. :)

  3. MILAN PIPO says:

    i m happy rachel become center of attention :wink:

  4. archy says:

    IMO they are really a bunch of tough & strong girls. Everyone know that it is never easy when you see your peers getting promoted but you are left behind. As a fan of mostly 2nd gen girls, I hope they can continue giving their best and hopefully management give more attention to them despite being trainees. They deserve to be respected & loved more by everyone. 8)

  5. Johny says:

    I come at both of the shows (Boku no Taiyou and RKJ) last week. One thing that I notice is that the fans coming is not as spirited as usual (when team KIII or team J performing normally), and I get the verification easily for both of them, knowing that I applied on general entry. Really feel that the trainees are giving their best on the stage, and I really hoped that they will get promoted asap.

  6. Cl4p Trap says:

    Trainees, team reserve

  7. vondeuz says:

    Agree with Archy, they are a bunch of tough and strong girls, even I didn’t watch their performance till now , but I’m very happy that people opinion is positive about them, because memorize 2 setlist and became a backdancer is more harder than their senior I think. And I hope they become great and more shine, because I think their quality is more can be considered than their senior, but the trainees is less attention from cameras when they perform in televiision shows, I hope they will get more attention in TV shows too.

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