The End of a Center Nova


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  1. Annie Tjia says:

    It’s a great article. Thanks Tilly. By the way, I’ve heard some of Pussycat Dolls but never knew until now that they’re formed with concept like that. To be honest, back then I wasn’t really caring what happened inside a group as long as I could enjoy the music. Simple, you don’t like it, leave it. Actually, I was kinda like that when I heard about AKB48. Some of their songs are awesome, some just kinda boring. I was even sceptical whether JKT48 could make it on music industry or not. Many expectations had been outed from 48Family since their debut, demanding that they’re atleast worth for an “idol group”. Guess we should bid them a congratulation for what they’ve been achieving today, shouldn’t we? No matter what, what we can do is supporting JKT48 for their continuous success. :)

  2. QuezFlow says:

    first of all I’d like to say “WELCOME TO JKT48STUFF!!”
    i’m a fan of this site.

    same as Annie, I didn’t know PCD has a concept like that. a new info for me after they disbanned xD
    and it’s true. i saw other 5 members of PCD were just like her backdancer.

    in JKT48 itself, even tho’ there already a rotation for line up, it seems some of members still unsatisfy bcuz they don’t get the spot in senbatsu (we can easily know from their tweets). I hope it won’t make them apply resignation form to JOT (bcuz November is getting near).
    even tho’ they’re not my fave members, but i don’t want them to leave bcuz they haven’t show us their best from their talent/practice. and it’ll be such a waste.

    I hope JOT can be more fair in giving them chance to shine :)

  3. Ted_Kho says:

    cc: Ratu Vienny Fitriliya

    Very well put.

  4. benimaru says:

    me never know that Carmen Electra and Christina Applegate was a former PCD..

    it seems whomever that became in the top for a long time, usually will soon turn into selfish arrogant assholes..

    this applied not just in idoling or entertainment business, but also inn other organization as well..

    what can change that cycle is the person softskill or personality..

    Melody jkt48 seems not that kind of person, she is humble, decent, and willing to let someone else rise.. and so does the other girls (altho some reports stated that me was wrong)..

    • ken says:

      yeah, you’re right. Melody JKT48 is not kind of person who are should I say b***h. I love and respect her because although she is the face of JKT, she is not arrogant at all but humble, sweet, responsible and she feels warm. I actually captivated by her smile that comes from the bottom of her hearts. Her behavior, manner so matured (sometimes childish LOL) and she cares for her members. I think that she deserved her spot in JKT

      • Annie Tjia says:

        We got pretty different situation between 48G and PSD. PSD is pretty much like what we can see in all girlbands/vocal groups. If management already stated who’s gonna be the center, it’ll stick that way. No switching, especially if the said center got more attention from fans (for example if she’s more recognizable due to her position in group). In 48G, anyone can have their chance to be the center, and if this member got most chances to be in that position, it only prooves that she deserves it. It also happens to Melody as one of members who got most attentions from fans. If her attitude is bad, it’ll be complained by fans right? Since management make senbatsu and center choice also based on fans inputs, Melody won’t get a lot of opportunities to be a frontliner girl in JKT48 with bad attitude. So I don’t think this case will also happen to her.

        About those negative opinions regarding to Melody, it’s quite easy. Fans are only observing things from outside view, not really focusing on the progress. And it’s normal if there’s pro and con about Melody’s being in JKT48. If she sometimes looks kinda “grumpy” (I try to use another word instead of the mentioned one) and unwelcoming, for God’s sake, she’s a girl. Why is grumpy and rude boy considered cool but not with a girl? Except if she start using bad words to anyone or doing bad things, then it’s another case. So far, there’s no prove about that. Don’t forget that people most likely to see what they believe to be seen.

  5. Tilly says:

    Hi, this is me Tilly, the author of this article.

    Thanks for your warm welcome, since this is my first article and I hope it would not be the last :D

    Also I would like to say sorry to everyone who feel tricked by the title. I peeped on Twitter that Richard was disappointed because of the title that you might think the article would be related with AKB0048. There is also some people who feel weird because I compared Pussycat Dolls to JKT48. I don’t mean to compare both group in details, but the domination of Nicole Scherzinger and the disbandment of Pussycat Dolls are more like case study for JKT48, in addition to share you more knowledge and perspective about girl group or girl band. The funny thing is the girl group is emerging in Asia now and becoming hot commodity, meanwhile in Western music scene, girl band is the product from 60s until middle 2000s.

    • I meant no disrespect with my comments; it was made in slight jest. It was clear from the opening statement what your writing discusses, so I have no qualms about it.

      I do agree with your assessment. I had the opportunity to watch Pussycat Dolls perform a few years back and was initially intrigued whether you would be comparing their styles. Instead, I was pleased to see that your assessment of the group’s public image are spot on. JKT48 has yet to face the test of a core member withdrawing from the group. Yes, it happened with Cleo and Ochi, but the group had not become as prevalent as it is now. This is especially problematic in Indonesia when fame depends on the cult of personality, whether in politics or society.