Opera Van JKT48


another fans who found sanctuary in FX 4th floor by being some smart aleck

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  1. yamidans says:

    Thanks for report
    And Veranda looks so :oops:

  2. Garuda98 says:

    It seems like they managed to perform it well… I guess OVJ did give ’em a little inspiration, eh? :lol:
    Anyway, great report!

  3. KageTora says:

    I think it’s a good thing that they perform something different from the usual 48 stuff. While they are still lacking in variety programs like their Japanese sisters, they have the chances to explore their talents beyond the usual singing, dancing and public speaking. I wonder if JKT48 theatre will adopt such format in the future in addition to the usual set lists.

  4. Ted_kho says:

    Dalang = puppet master
    Pesinden = lead singer for background music in a wayang/indonesian puppet show

  5. indr@ says:

    Rona’s make up is great, she really looks like an old woman :mrgreen:
    And for Ve, I can’t imagine she becomes “Bawang Merah”, her appearances looks more suited to be a protagonist..

    Anyway, great improvement for the girls, I think we need more performances like this in the future :-o

    • Haddad says:

      if I’m not biased, I would say Rona’s performance are on par with Ve’s both made the act really lively :lol:

  6. Annie Tjia says:

    Though I couldn’t watch the show, it’s actually awesome that JKT48 could adopt OVJ on their theatre show. Hope they make more performance in the future. Ganbare JKT48!