Speculations on JKT48’s Jakarta Concert

Pitra Satvika

An interactive communications guy who loves to explore the possibility of mixing technology, social media, and branding (almost) everyday. Also a JKT48 fan. Check my own blog at http://pitra.media-ide.com and http://www.media-ide.com.

14 Responses

  1. daydreamerzz says:

    Another transfer !! (i hope at least ) :-D

  2. Tomo says:

    Akimoto sensei on stage 8-O AHa-Aha :wink: With new and hot tune will be dedicated from him to Kinal :-P

  3. Hani says:

    Announcement of original single for JKT48

  4. ilhamsyah says:

    i was watching their (mini) concert yesterday in Balikpapan. They were sang “JKT48 Sanjou”. I don’t know if its regular song on theater performance, but it was for the first time for me and the song was pretty cool with awesome dance :)

  5. PN03 says:

    I hope new single, don’t care its original or not. maybe “flying get” like SNH48.

    • AnakDekan says:

      you can erase new single announcement.they already announced it at Surabaya concert, new single will be “Yuuhi wo Miteiruka” and will be relesed at 3rd July 2013 (1st day of concert) the senbatsu’s are :Nabilah , Melody , Shania , Veranda , Haruka , Viny , Naomy , Natalia , Ayen , Yupi

  6. djt says:

    if they shuffle the team, then team KIII announcement will be meaningless and the chaotic friday show also meaningless…