My personal reunion – Renai Kinshi Jourei (25 May 2013)


Idol fan from Singapore. Fandom is great. It makes you do all kinds of things, have all kinds of fun, meet all kinds of people and know all kinds of idols.

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  1. Angga says:

    I recognize that it is difficult being an overseas or even a far fan, and even harder if you had been an original team J supporter. The girls just seem to be getting further and further away from us as they chase their dreams.

    ^that, and that makes me remember reading my timeline and read something along the line of : Idols you can barely meet.

    Anyway, I feel like our role as fans could be considered as a mama bird, watching our hatchlings slowly able to fly and roars in the sky while we see them go with a smile and tears (The hell am I talking about? :lol: )

    I still have my reason to try to go back to the theater as I still don’t find myself a favorite member…yet ;)

    • WasshoiJ says:

      It’s probably the sign that once members get more popular, the chances to see them also get harder. Yup watching over like a mama bird is great too. Guess we all find our reasons one way or another

      • razgriz2520 says:

        Finding an oshimen needs something special *for me at least* :roll:
        you need to have some kind of thing that makes you “BAM !!” 8-O and that BAM reaching your heart either its her looks, performance, personality.. anything that you find interesting.. :lol:

        But well.. that’s just my opinion :wink:

  2. RedRanger48 says:

    Every fans has his/her story on how he/she find an oshimen. One of my friend, Kinal-oshi, said “It was just like, BAM! I choose you”. Another, a Melody oshi, justified his choice after she said to him “Your T-shirt is way cool” during Hi touch session. Others found their oshimen after JKT48 official event like bowling, futsal, dodgeball etc.

    I remember my friend from a town in Borneo, came to Jakarta during Trainee’s theater, and sat in the far seats. Before the show begin, he told me that he wants to give a gift to Octi. “I definitely will give this to Octi, she’s cute !”. Just moments after the theater performance ended, I rushed to his seat, asking if he would give the gift to Octi. He stared into my eyes deeply and said calmly “Nope, I’m giving this to Lidya”

    Human’s heart changed every seconds. :mrgreen: There must be a reason why someone supports somebody. When the reason was not fulfilled or matched, then a change of heart is inevitable.

    My reason to keep coming back to the theater? Having fun. And seeing her… :oops:

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