[Opinion] Neneng “Ochi” Rosediana Graduated from JKT48


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5 Responses

  1. PN03 says:

    She got what she need from JKT, then go. that all!!

  2. HERMAN says:

    Well, looks like your “Goodbye” won’t last long. She’ll be on local TV’s “sinetron” , in early 2013. I think that’s why she choose to grad. A reasonable and smart decision, I suppose, especially if you compare the profit.

    • sultan says:

      “sinetron” is “soap opera” in english, or recently people simply call it “tv series”. :)
      i’m not well informed enough to say if pursuing a career as an actress in an Indonesia’s tv series is more profitable than that in JKT48, particularly in Ochi’s case. you may be right though.


      • HERMAN says:

        Just for info, I don”t know had you ever seen Indonesian’s “Sinetron” or not. Yes, it ‘s just like “Soap Opera” or “TV Series” in US, but it’s more, more and more excruciating. Especially the story, it don’t make sense and stupid too. So, my “real” opinion is, It’s a pity that Neneng abandoned her talents as an idol, and did such a thing just for profit. (Of course sinetron do a lot of money, ‘coz a lot of people foolish enough to waste time for watching it). But what can I do. It’s her choice (or her parents may be) anyway. I am no one, just a fan of her, whose name she never known.

  3. sultan says:

    i guess many of us are disappointed over her absence in her supposedly final show, not over her career of choice. :)
    her career of choice is entirely her prerogative.

    fans who have been lavishing their oshimen with gifts have every right to be disappointed, but be reminded that their oshimen will sooner or later graduate and move on with her life respectively, like it or not.

    i just hope that despite our disappointment with Ochi, we still can appreciate and respect her as a human being fully capable of making a decision for her own life.

    cheers! :D