JKT48 Mission Episode 01 Translation


Just another lazy author for JKT48Stuff whom mainly working with translations and sometimes writing articles about JKT48 with an obvious grammar problem. Was living his life as a JKT48 DD until...

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  1. PN03 says:

    you guys are workaholic, this is the first time jktstuff releasing softsub!?

    • Angga says:

      We’ve done softsub before, but for hardsub, yep, this is the first time as a whole group. Torque has worked on his own before :D

      • PN03 says:

        Any plan to subbing BSG too? just asking.

        • Angga says:

          Yeah, there’s a plan for that. But we still don’t know whether we could do it or not. There’s a lot of fansubbers for Kamen-series out there that will do the job really fine tho’ in case we doesn’t have enough time to do it.

  2. Japarta says:

    Many thanks to Torque-san, Haddad-san and Angga-san!
    This is helpful for JKT48 fans in Japan, “luar biasa”.

    In 2ch thread, they expessed many thanks to this website.

    • Tomo says:

      I thought you were doing smething special about JKT48 missions. Because after you created the thead refering to JKT48 missions as preview, there was no noise in JKT48Stuff. Did hard work! Really apprecisted for you guys. Now I am checking my “guess” about bahasa is OK or not. Fun :wink:

      • Japarta says:

        Hello, Tomo-san,

        hopefully we can continue this work until JKT48 Missions is concluded.

        Oh, can you speak Bahasa Indonesia?

    • Angga says:

      Don’t forget to credit yourself too Japarta-san :lol:

      We are three team for a language while you do all the solo running for the Japanese one. That is more than we could handle :lol:

      • Japarta says:

        Because of you guy’s help and our team work, we could do it, right?

        Do you remember?
        When we met at coffee bean in f(x), a waitress brought a box.
        We wondered what was it, and opened it.
        We found a letter inside, it said,
        “translate JKT48 Missions, all episodes, using soft sub”

        This is nothing but “JKT48Stuff Missions”.

  3. Winxred12 says:

    Thank you so much for subbing it ^^
    I’m glad I to to see rena even if for just a little ^^

  4. harunatu aki says:


    • Japarta says:

      harunatu akiさん


  5. Tokyo Pop says:

    The girls are “representative of Indonesia”,Ghaida,Cigul you are amazing!
    When I hear your comments, I must admit I am impressed.

    Thank you guys for your hard work!

    • Japarta says:

      hello, Tokyo Pop-san.


      But I don’t know how many episodes does this program have..
      I’m sure I will ask you to help me!!

  6. yahya jani says:

    thanks you guys, cuma bisa bilang terima kasih banyak. lanjutkan. :-D

  7. Tazawa Kenzi says:


    • Japarta says:



  8. Tomo says:

    After the final episode, TRANS 7 will be able to create “DOCUMENTARY of JKT48” and more they will be able to prepare the special TV show :-o

  9. rbtakumi says:

    Sorry, it’s very long…
    The impressions of JKT48 missions by Japanese fans
    **Please translate and share

    This is one of the famous AKB fan news site-the digest of a huge fan forum. A group of JKT fans in Japan introduced JKT48 mission-The episode 1.

    The great thing is, many Indo & J JKT fans made the video with subs. The deepest bow to the guy at:

    I can’t translate all of the comments by Non JKT fans and KT fans in the page….

    Just some of them :
    *I omitted the descriptions about the program and basic explanation of JKT48 to non JKT fans by JKT fan in J…

    -JKT is so hot, they look so happy.
    -The show was good, and the girl are cute.
    -First we thought this show is like Indo version of Ne Mousu TV, but it was high quality documentary.
    -Why we only get the info about JKT&SHN by local TV show?
    Why doesn’t AKB management introduce them to J fans.

    -This Rica, the most beautiful girl among whole 48 group.
    But not so pushed by the JKT management…
    *Note. Rica is very popular among JKT fans in Japan.7

    -Some J fans introduces JKT fan videos in Youtube as well

    -Jeje the Naughty…

    -JKT is good. The girls are cure and exotic, they look like Darvish-a famous baseball player, half Iranian&half Japanese, playing major league baseball in America.

    -I really felt sympathy for the girls. After 8 hours of transportation, they have lessons and taping video messages to fans…They must be so tired.
    I also recognized how tough the situtation Akicha has been facing.

    -This is just great, very touching ( ;∀;)

    -I don’t why, but I cry when I watch JKT48, perhaps the same as having runny nose when you have good food…lol

    -River by JKT was SO COOL, I like it better than AKB’S

    -I recently start loving JKT, because River is cool, the girls are cute.

    -A good program! This makes me cry. JKT is shinnig brilliantly

    -I felt sympathy for the girl, they made the great success beyond language beyond the language gap.

    -Hey Wotas in Japan, Wotas in Indo are beating up you..lol

    -JKT is so cute, Wotas are so intense.

    -I love them, I hope there will be more internal relationship among whole 48 group.

    -I expect all the JKT girls will run for Soesnkyo next year,I must check them now, if there are the girls that I like beside to Melody-he only knew Melody-I want to send her(them) to Senbatsu.

    • andricks says:

      Takumi-san, thanks for sharing!
      It’s really touching to know what J fans say about JKT48.
      Terima kasih banyak!!

    • Japarta says:

      hello, rbtakumi-san.

      thanks for posting your translations!
      it helps non-japanese fans to see japanese fans reactions.

  10. zakkie says:


  11. Japarta says:




  12. Admiral says:

    Japarta san can you translate some comment from J-fans about this “JKT48 Mission” …

    • Angga says:

      Japarta is planning to do that after the second episode if we got enough opinions from J-fans that is :D