JKT48 KKS show Pajama Drive 2nd day

First of all I watched both of today’s shows. With mail on noon and waiting list on night. On noon I’ve got a seat on first row, so I have the chance to see their close up performance. and at night I watched from standing area, so I can see their team work.

At the beginning they did not start the show with the “J Joyfull, K Kawaii, T Try to be the best!, JKT48 yeay!” but they start with “Ceria! Pantang menyerah! Dan selalu berjuang meraih mimpi! JKT48 Trainee! Yeay!”

Shonichi, Hissatsu Teleport, Gokigen Naname na Mermaid, Futari Nori no Jitensha.

At close up, their performance is great, and when I see their team work, to be honest they better then gen 1, they seems to be more discipline, accurate, and almost no miss. Not perfect tho since they still have collisions, but not much.

Next MC + Jiko
At noon their MC-ing was like reading a script, but at night they are doing great. They improve in just about 4 hr :lol:

Next unit song
Tenshi no Shippo: Nadila (center), Cinvia, Rachel
Well I love the Tenshi no Shippo perform by them. usually I never like it, but they made me like it, Cinvia and Nadila really steal my eyes they doing great, their dance is good and accurate, their facial expression is also great.

Pajama Drive: Rona (center), Thalia, Dellia
Rona is doing great, but Delia is a bit lazy, while Thalia is too tall and her movements are too stiff. And also they still need to practice together more frequently so they can synchronize their dance. But still, they perform it nicely. But since Shanju’s performance is and already hypnotized me, well they need to practice better.

Junjou Shugi: Acha (center), Yona, Noella
Backdancer: Olive, Della, Shafa, Lidya, Saktia, Karin
Again they need to practice together more and need to do some improvisation for this songs. they need to practice together more so they can be the same level with Dhike, Ve, Stella (i prefer Dhike than Panda)

Temodemo no Namida: Viny & Nadhifa
For this song, they again need improvisation, and then watch their step, and try to feel the song. sometimes their dance is over powerful for this kind of song. And also Viny and Dhifa is not sync yet. They need to practice this song together more, so they can get the feeling.

Kagami no Naka no Jean d’Arc: Hanna (center), Natalia, Ika, Uty, Ni-chan
For this song again they need improvisation, if I never watch Kinal team do Kagami, then I will say they doing great.

Next MC.
in this MC they were more fluid, now it’s not like reading a script anymore.

Next group song
2 Years Later, Inochi no Tsukaimichi, Kissu Shite Son Shichatta.
Again they beat gen 1 for the accuracy,?discipline, and stamina ^^
I forget who doing monologue on the noon, but on night it’s Nadila, well I forget what she says.

MC: well in this part they ask Cinvia to explain about kissu shitte, and she is very cute. To be honest she’s more of a Lolita then Cindy Gulla, since she also clueless. She tries to explain it in a very cute way, this event really catches my eyes.

Boku no Sakura
Well they doing good as expected

Back dancer show + jiko, Wasshoi J (i prefer Wasshoi K), Suifu wa Arashi ni Yume wo Miru and Shiroi Shirt
Again they simply beat team J, because of their stamina. and this time Rona beat shanju when she lead suifu, she has more power and stamina.

Bonus song:
Heavy Rotation.
Now they really rocks, the audience also gone crazy. ok Melody you better be ready because Rona will take your place from hebirote center, she?definitely?perform it better than Melody, really JKT48′s Yuko Oshima

Hand shake + thank you letter.

Well I got one from Cinvia and Noella

Overall on group song, KKS is already doing good. but on unit song, they need to do some improvisation.??And I think after they promote to team K, I hope they do team K setlist, they got the stamina. All girls doing their best, but there are 3 girls that’s simple steal the show. That girls are Viny, Rona, and Cinvia. Viny and Rona because both of them is really shine when performing the dance and sing. while Cinvia because she so cute when MC-ing, she look like a innocent little girl.

I love photography and just a normal JTK48 fans ^^

7 Responses to “JKT48 KKS show Pajama Drive 2nd day”

  1. HERMAN, Reply

    That was impressive. Fortunately, it seems they had their own style and characteristic, not just Team J’s knock offs. And for Team J, “Watch out gals! Here come new challengers in town!”. Oh….and I heard some incidents at the show. Our “groovy” Team J’s fans with not so groovy attitudes (a.k.a zombies) kept shouting loudly Team J’s name while Gen 2 were doing MC. How rude and impolite. (You know in some countries in certain condition they’ve made a local pact to shoot a horde of rioter on sight. If only I could get the same pact signed for these “zombies.”)

    • Angga, Reply

      Really? where did you heard that? that was shocking for me personally if it’s true

      • djt, Reply

        well that’s what i heard on shonichi day. but on 2nd day the audience already called kks name, no more team j name that called. Don’t worry this KKS is rocks. if team J is lazy, they will steal the fans from team J :D and the B3 is already > A5 in my opinion. I hope the KKS can perform B3 with their own way. not only just following what gen 1 does

        • Angga, Reply

          Wasshoi experienced it by himself back then on shonichi day, ouch.

          They will find their own style in time :)

      • HERMAN, Reply

        A friend of mine who watched the show told me about the unpleasant incident. And beleive me, it was not the first time they did such a nasty thing to Gen 2. What a retarded fans.

  2. xzerozero, Reply

    well, thx for the report. with this, my expectation on Cindy Yuvia confirmed :). Still i hope CiGul can show more of her guts. About Rona is like Yuko… i’ll look forward to this

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