JKT48 KKS show Pajama Drive 2nd day


I love photography and just a normal JTK48 fans ^^

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  1. HERMAN says:

    That was impressive. Fortunately, it seems they had their own style and characteristic, not just Team J’s knock offs. And for Team J, “Watch out gals! Here come new challengers in town!”. Oh….and I heard some incidents at the show. Our “groovy” Team J’s fans with not so groovy attitudes (a.k.a zombies) kept shouting loudly Team J’s name while Gen 2 were doing MC. How rude and impolite. (You know in some countries in certain condition they’ve made a local pact to shoot a horde of rioter on sight. If only I could get the same pact signed for these “zombies.”)

    • Angga says:

      Really? where did you heard that? that was shocking for me personally if it’s true

      • djt says:

        well that’s what i heard on shonichi day. but on 2nd day the audience already called kks name, no more team j name that called. Don’t worry this KKS is rocks. if team J is lazy, they will steal the fans from team J :D and the B3 is already > A5 in my opinion. I hope the KKS can perform B3 with their own way. not only just following what gen 1 does

        • Angga says:

          Wasshoi experienced it by himself back then on shonichi day, ouch.

          They will find their own style in time :)

      • HERMAN says:

        A friend of mine who watched the show told me about the unpleasant incident. And beleive me, it was not the first time they did such a nasty thing to Gen 2. What a retarded fans.

  2. xzerozero says:

    well, thx for the report. with this, my expectation on Cindy Yuvia confirmed :). Still i hope CiGul can show more of her guts. About Rona is like Yuko… i’ll look forward to this