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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Strengths: Singing
Weaknesses: Shy
Dishes you are most proud of: Soup, Nasi Goreng
Favorite words: Dreams
Goals: Traveler
Ideal boyfriend type: Handsome and kind
Things you want to do if reborn as a boy: Karate
The most remembered moments after joining JKT48 and the reason: Pajama Drive shonichi. Because I could perform well after months of training.
Your reason in joining [JKT48] audition: Want to try new challenges
Celebrities you want to meet: Utada Hikaru
The most respected member of family beside parents: My Grandmother

The dreamer who refuse to give up, I’m Yona

Likes anime, music, and Japanese culture

I like Japanese culture,” said Yona when she explain the reason why she joins JKT48.

Since in grade school, anime and japanese music are always close to her. Yona also likes to do cosplay in cosplay event and japanese culture festival. Not only that, this 19 years old girl also good at drawing.

Since joining JKT48, I’m able to learn many things about singing, dancing, and photoshoot,” said Yona when she tried to remember her experiences in JKT48.

I want to find my own character in JKT48,” she continued.

Among JKT48 members, Yona is a calm older sister figure. But the oldest girl of second generation members is always giggling when she sees the funny behavior of her little sisters. Yona has just entered the English Literature Major at college.

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My name is Viviyona Apriani and I’m 18 y.o. People always think that I’m a reserved girl but actually I’m quite talkative. People also tell me that my stare often looks like my mind is blank but it was actually me feeling a little bit drowsy.

I hope with me in JKT48 I could paint some new color to JKT48’s journey. I’m hoping to be a member that could help JKT48 reach their success internationally.



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13 APRIL 1994