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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Strengths: Hard Worker.
Weaknesses: Wishy–washy.
Hobby: Swimming, futsal, basketball.
Favorite foods: Fried rice, fried egg, cupcake, cakes.
Dreams: Become a successful woman, become an entertainer, and a person who respects her parents.
Ideal type of guy: A kind guy and a guy that accepts me as I am.
Things that were tough after joining JKT48: Sometimes I feel tired, but because this is the road that I’ve chosen, I will take responsibility for what I chose and keep on striving!
Changes felt after joining JKT48: Better able to express myself, and becoming better at memorizing choreography, also becoming more passionate than ever before!

Like a butterfly who walks on the catwalk. My name is Thalia. Call me Tata

Wants to quickly catch up with her seniors from Team J

Since she was a little girl, she has admired the singers and performers on TV. She studied ballet for 3 years to fulfill her dream of entering the entertainment world.

I really like JKT48 because there are many sweet girls in it,” said Tata, who knew about the auditions from her little sister.

That’s why she has thought of her debut as a JKT48 member as a tense yet delightful experience.

I will strive in training and catch up with my seniors in team J,” said Tata passionately.

If there are holidays, I’d like to play sports,” said the multi-talented girl who can play futsal and basketball.

This girl is very close with her little sister who was in the same futsal team as her. Tata also shows an interest in international relations having taking part in an English course. Also, one day she would like to visit Paris, France.

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Hello, my name is Thalia, I’m a natural prankster and I’m a pretty energetic one. My hobbies are dancing, swimming and playing pranks!

My main motivation is as simply as to entertain people and obviously to reach my own dream. I hope JKT48 could even become well known to the masses and getting more success with me in here.

Work hard to achieve something, on time (never late) and to give it your best for everything!



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22 DECEMBER 1996