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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

Respected by the younger members

Strengths : Good at singing
Weakness : Kinda lazy
Favorite Foods : Fried chicken
Favorite Place : the Beach
If she is granted one wish, what is one dream that she wants to come true : To become a role model for everyone else
Favorite Shopping spot : Online shopping
Most memorable things as a JKT48 member : Everyday is a memorable day for me as a JKT48 member
Hardest things in JKT48 : Dancing, I really don’t know how to dance at first.
Mistakes she has done : Slipped while dancing, but I still can get on my feet and continue the show.

My Bag

I often brought my fake eyeglasses since I really love to wear it! I chose the glasses based on my mood for that day

I want you~ I need you~ I love you~ With my smile, I will conquer the world! My name is Stella~

The beautiful sister that often warned the other members

I really loved to sing and dance since I was little, but I never got the chance until I got accepted in JKT48

Her full of confidence words shows how good she is with singing. Stella is very expressive and active in a lot of things. Starts from her younger sister, Sonia she always warned the other younger members not to be pampered. Thus, she’s known as a grumpy character, due to the fact that how important it is to warned all the bad things to JKT48 members.

When the younger members heard Stella’s fiery voice, they as fast as they could called for the hero, “Kamen Ghaida” that is also known as “Ghaida” to protect them!

In her daily life, Stella really loves to do makeup by herself. Something that she really wanted recently is a small accessories that looks like a sunglasses. She said that if she got another free time, she would really love to do some shopping in Harajuku, Japan.

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Biggest change she ever felt in JKT48: Able to dance better and could feel a better bonds with the other members
The most difficult thing to do in JKT48: Facing a member’s graduation decision.
Challenge you want to try while in JKT48: To become an idol who could bring great influences to society
Dreams: International singer, having my own company
Closest members you usually spend your time together with: Melody, Frieska, Sonia, Haruka
Confess your love or wait for them to confess their love: Of course it should be my partner who state it first. I want to be with someone where I could feel comfortable with.
Bodyparts you most proud of: My lips
Things you obsessed with recently: Anything with pink and black
Skills you most proud of compared to the other members: My stamina in each and every performance
Your dream wedding dress: Kebaya, black and modern white dress.

I want JKT48 to keep on going forward

JKT48 is there for more than a year. That’s not something easy to achieve,” said Stella after a long break in her sentences.

For this “Singing Princess,” the hardest thing to do is dancing.

I practice (my dance) every single day. And, to be honest, I’m tired and I almost gave up,” said Stella.

Still clear in her mind for her Pajama Drive debut preparation where she couldn’t dance very well and spend her time crying alone in the toilet. But the camaraderie between the girls able to lift herself back up.

She’s now close with Haruka who transferred over from AKB48 since February 2013. Stella is a gorgeous and open-minded girl without any discriminating views towards anybody.

HAI Magazine Entry

This girl, who is a fan of fried chicken, admitted that her admission into the audition for member of JKT48 is unintentional. Although she knew for a long time that she is interested to start a career in the entertainment world, she had no intention to become a member of JKT48.

So initially, I took part in the audition which I thought was for an advertisement. Then I realized it was an audition for JKT48. Since I’m there already, well, I continued the audition. Turned out that I passed the audition and now I’m a member of the group,” shared Stella.

One of her unforgettable memory since she became a member of JKT48 is when they visited Japan, performed there and received an amazing welcome.

I felt really proud (tl note: positive context) to be able to perform there and also be welcomed (by the fans). It was my first visit to Japan, whereas for the other members, they had been there for several times. I didn’t go with the group that time (Saitama Super Arena Concert) because I had to focus on the National Exam” Stella confided.


「あんなところで公演出来て、ファンの応援もすごかったでしょう。ほんとうに誇らしく思ったわ。 他のメンバーは日本へ行ったことがあったけど、私は初めてだったのよ、埼玉のときは共通一次で行けなかったから」


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TENURE : 2011-2013


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