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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

The Glutton!

Favorite Foods : Everything! hehe
Dislike Foods : Stinky beans
Favorite Word : Never give up!
Favorite Place : Puncak, the beach
Ideal type of a guy : Someone who can accept me for who I am and kind
Message for herself 10 year in the future : Semangat! Life Goes on
Ideal place for a date : To our favorite place
Most memorable thing as a JKT48 member : Together with the other JKT48 members in both good time and bad time.
Reason for auditioning : Wants to learn how to dance and sing
Closest friend in JKT48 : Jeje, Stella
Celebrity she wants to meet : Lady Diana, Emma Roberts, Yao Ming Hu

My Bag

I brought all my stuffs except for my eyeglasses and textbook. I also wrote my name on my mobile phone charger to prevent it being swapped with other members charger

I always try to do my best, I’m Sonya~

Good at Volleyball and swimming

Sonya is a girl who could speak English and also Mandarin. She really loves to eat! When we asked what is her favorite foods, she answered with,

All of them! except stinky beans

She also nicknamed as “The Glutton” by the other members. Sonya is a bespectacled girl when in school. She’s weak in math, but her favorite subject at school is Sport, English and arts. Sonya loves volleyball and also swimming. She also participated in many sports club at her school.

Sonya auditioning for JKT48 since she wants to learn how to dance an sing. When performing at their first theater in a unit song, she forgot her line due to nervous. But Sonya said,

I’m happy since I could show a better dance and singing now

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

The happiest moment in JKT48: When doing sports at Official Fan Club Events.
Target that wants to be achieved as a member of JKT48: Wants JKT48 to be known to a lot more people and become more successful than it is now. I also want to go abroad!
Things that were usually done before going up on stage: Praying, drinking warm water.
Member who frequently played with: Jeje. Watching movies, going to church, and eats.
Skills mostly being proud of than other member: I don’t lose in dancing!
Favorite Dishes: Fried egg, omelet, fruit cocktail, fried rice.
Things you want right now: A slim body!

Trying to become more professional

One year full of lessons,” said Sonya. The development she felt the most is in dancing.

In one day, I could memorize one song and its choreography. In three days I became fluent in it,” told her confidently.

This is the result gotten from an experienced member. Not only quick in memorizing choreography, Sonya also had a rapid growth in term of diligence.

All of this I’ve done so I could become a professional singer,” Said Sonya.

For that, she uses her time efficiently and become strict with herself.

I want to be a famous idol and well-known to the fans,” she said. The most memorable experience for her is the official fan club events.

My hobby is doing sports, so I’m so happy. I also love to eat,” She said with a smile,

But my cheeks are becoming chubbier.

HAI Magazine 2012 Entry

Sonya, who often receives panda soft toys from her fans, balances her hobby by exercising in order to maintain her body condition so that she looks fit every day.

As an evidence, this girl who loves red colour, actually enjoys playing volleyball!

Sometimes our team ranks (top 3) although we had never clinched the champion title” she said.

Furthermore, since young, she really loves to swim as long as she is not at the beach because Sonya is afraid about getting sun burns.

This girl who is an admirer of Kenny.G and Mariah Carey’s works also shared that she used to star in some Indonesian Dramas in FTV. Did you realize it?




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JAKARTA, 18 MAY 1996
TENURE : 2011-2013


18 MAY 1996 JAKARTA生