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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

The Crybaby that pampered by all of JKT48 members

Strengths : Good at singing
Weakness : A crybaby
Favorite Food : Friend Chicken
Dislike Food : Stinky bean
Ideal type of guy : Nice, looking good and caring
If she is granted one wish, what is one dream that she wants to come true : To make Doraemon appeared in real life
Favorite subject at school : Traditional Arts
Ideal place for a date : the beach
Moments that makes you happy : Joking with friends
Most memorable things after joining JKT48 : Getting a lot of new friends
Celebrity she wants to meet : Taylor Swift

My Bag

I only brought my mobile phone! I left everything else for my big sister to carry around

I’m a little bit mushy, but I always smile , My name is Sonia~

I want to take some stroll to the mall when I have some free time!

Sonia is Stella’s younger sister by blood that is also one of JKT48 members. Due to her pampered nature, she sometimes regarded as a crybaby, but Sonia said,

It’s all because of my sister. She kept on mocking me, that’s why I cried!

Looks like she argue a lot with her sister. Even so, we have seen both of them reading their favorite novel altogether.

When dancing, Sonia could make her movement bravely and striking , thus attracting the fans. On her first show at Jakarta, she said,

I’m really really happy! I couldn’t contain my happiness during the concerts with all my family as the audience in the front seat

Currently, Sonia is really busy with her training schedule. But if Sonia ever get some free time, she really wants to take a stroll and do some shopping at a mall.

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Moment that makes you happy in JKT48 : Handshake Event, Since I can meet directly with the fans
Challenge that you want to take in JKT48 : Can balance JKT48 activities and school well
Ritual that usually do before entering the stage : Praying that there no mistakes in my performance
Closest member and what activities you usually do when playing together : Shania, often eating together
Things you want your boyfriend to do to celebrate your anniversary : Just say “I love you” and to stay by my side. That’s enough for me.
Parts of your body you most proud of : cheek
Things you obsessed with recently : Cute things, every time I see a cute thing, I must buy it
The skill that you are most proud of : Easy to shed a tears

Want to pass my age with JKT48

I’m getting closer with other member through JKT48 activities,” answered the shy Sonia.

She confessed that she’s now rarely fight with Stella and other JKT48 members. she also said that she’s getting faster memorizing the dance routine and happy when praised that her expression getting better.

In spare times I secretly repeat the lessons alone.

Hardworking is one of this little girl plus point. JKT48 done their debut at GlobalTV 100% Ampuh on 17 December 2011, which also same as Sonia’s birthday.

I’m passing my age with JKT48 next year, the other next year and another next year,” Sonia said and want JKT48 to be more successful.

HAI Magazine 2012 Entry

I bet you already know Sonia’s Jikoushokai: “Hi, although I’m a little bit mushy, but I always smile, my name is Sonia!

Yep, that’s right. This Sagittarius girl does have a little bit sensitive heart. But do not worry, after joining JKT48, Sonia found her solace. Who is it?

The fans. When we are on stage, looking at the fans could really brighten up our mood especially when we have things that troubled us” Says this big fan of Raisa (Raisa Andriana).

For your information, JKT48 is not her first experience with the showbiz world.

When I was small, I often compete in Modelling contest, but since I moved from my old house, I rarely compete again. In the end, I just focused myself on my studies




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