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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Strengths : Imaginative.
Weaknesses : Rarely speaking and shy.
Hobbies : Drawing, playing basketball, drawing fairy tales.
Self-made food she’s proud of : Fried rice, pancakes, takoyaki.
Ambitions : Comic writer, professional idol.
Favorite dating place : Eiffel Tower in France .
Reason for entering the audition : Because I want to be an Idol.
Changes she felt after becoming a JKT48 member : Before, my schedule was already busy; filled with school and extracurricular activities. My solid training schedule sometimes clashes with school activities.
Error done while performing on stage and created panic : When dancing the free style part of “Temodemo no namida”, my standing position was a little bit forward than it should have been.
Celebrities she wants to meet : Utada Hikaru, Kojima Haruna (AKB48), One Direction, Westlife.

Hello, I’m Sinka, I might be quiet but I’ll make your day full of colors!

I want to make JKT48 famous!

This girl, who admires Kojima Haruna (AKB48), didn’t succeed in her first audition to enter the 1st generation. But then, she joined the second generation audition in order to fulfilled her dream of standing on stage.

We just can’t give up,” she said shyly.

Sinka is the youngest daughter of 4 siblings, and the younger sister of the third daughter, Shinta Naomi, who is also one of the 2nd generation members.

The first one is sexy, the second one is tomboy-ish, Kak Shinta is talkative, and I’m the shy one,” explained Sinka, trying to describe her sisters.

In JKT48, Sinka always stays by Naomi’s side. This girl is a little on the bit naive, in that she is easily trusts people which makes her vulnerable to lies. She is also sometimes confused over where to sit when they’re changing location. Even so, Sinka really loves manga and drawing.

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Hello, My name is Sinka Juliani, I kinda shy and reserved, a direct contrast to my sister, Shinta Naomi.

Shinta (Naomi) talks a lot! she also a prankster! And she’s stingy!

My motivation is to become a better idol like my sisters in AKB48 and JKT48 1st generation.

I hope with me in JKT48, we could become a better group, and to get more known to the masses even more than before.



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4 JULY 1996