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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobbies : Basketball, dancing.
Skills : Playing basketball, dancing, running.
Favorite words : Our hard work will surely be paid off in time.
Favorite places : Mall, theme park.
Ambition : Become a successful person, an artist.
Ideal type of boyfriend : Same religion, not a smoker and capable of playing basketball. A guy who’s nice and loves me.
Most memorable moment upon entering JKT48 : During final audition, when every candidate did their best efforts to become a JKT48 member.
Reason joining the audition : Because I want to develop my dancing ability.
Most respected person after her parents : Staffs, seniors in Team J.

I looked grumpy, but actually I’m a clown. My name is Shinta.

A thoughtful big sister backstage.

Naomi is known as a cheerful and shining girl with even her other members sometimes envying her sexiness. She is being supported by her training in JKT48, to order to become an idol.

Lately, I felt that my muscles were becoming more muscular,” said Naomi realizing this.

There’s are so many girlbands in Indonesia, but an Idol group, there were none,” said Naomi, telling her reason joining JKT48.

The word around is, Naomi is a thoughtful big sister for her younger sister Sinka who joined the same generation with her.

I always let my sister change her clothes or do her the makeup first,” she said.

At school, Naomi is a very good basketball player and hip-hop dancer. This year, is the year Naomi would have entered college and she still wishes to study more, to go after what she would missed.

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Hello, My name is Shinta Naomi, my hobby is Basketball and dancing. I love everything purple.

Just a few months and look, I already got muscles on my biceps and I already know how to dance properly. I also got to know better discipline and due to my friends high spirit, I also got that spirit.

My motivation is to become a good idol and to make my parents happy.



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captains [SHINING CLOWN]

4 JUNE 1994