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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

Her Singing and Dancing is awesome


Strengths : Dancing, singing, acting
Favorite Foods : Bakso
Dislike Foods : Liver
Favorite Words : To believe
Favorite Place : Mall
Ideal type of guy : Reserved but caring
Things she want to do if she ever reborn again as a male : Less bathing to do!
Ideal place for a date : Disneyland
Mistakes she ever done in JKT48 : I do some dancing mistakes. I’m really pissed off at myself.
Changes she felt after joining JKT48 : More patient and wants to be more diligent


My Bag


I only brought important stuffs. If I have my wallet, mobile phone and makeup tools, I could go to anywhere I like!


Cute and always discipline, My name is Shania~

She knew all JKT48 members secrets!

With her amazing ability, Shania could do anything perfectly. On the theater show at May, 2012, Shania and her friends are performing on stage with “Pajama Drive” set list that one of the most favored set list among all. She’s pretty tall compared to the other JKT48 members. Even though she’s only 14 y.o , the way she talks looks like an adult. She loves to make some jokes with the other members in the dressing room. Since Shania is trusted by the other members, she knew about all of the girls secrets.

When she was up on the stage, Shania told with all of her awareness and professionalism,

No matter how tired we are, we have to keep performing merrily since fans already got their ticket to see our show.

She didn’t make any fatal mistake at the first JKT48 theater show but,

I still want to do it better and best!

Her ambition and how she wanted to keep improving herself is proven from that words!






Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Biggest change she ever felt in JKT48 : Getting even stronger and confident. Could do time management even much better.
Dreams : To go forward with JKT48. Psychologist and a career housewife.
The closest members and what you do together : Everyone! For an example, I always hunts for snacks together with Ayana and spends time fangirling AKB48 with Beby.
Confess your love or wait for the them to confess their love : I preferred my partner to state it first. But I will obviously asked “I talk a lot, noisy and stubborn. You okay with me like that?”
Body parts you most proud of : My bangs, my body
Skills you most proud of compared to the other members : Performance
Your dream wedding dress : Plain white wedding dress


The support from my fans is the source of my strength!

Time really flies,” said the mature 14 years old Shania, “It was not a rare occurrences where I almost gave up and fall to the abyss.

Shania felt that, the days she spent together with everyone is her most treasured moment.

But the most treasured one for me is the time I spent together with JKT48 members and the fans,” said Shania while remembering back her audition, fighting together on the stage, Mega Concert show and all of the activities with JKT48.

I have gone through numerous fights to reach where I am now, it was all due to the fans that have supported me with all their hearts. And that, is my strongest source of strength,” thanked Shania who will always strive to give her best!





Hai Magazine 2012 Entry

If given a choice between dancing and singing, Shanju actually loves both. Because, Shanju claims that as she dances and sings at the same time, there are a lot of challenges that she has to overcome. For instance, remembering the dance-moves, the right pitch while singing and at the same time and to stay focused on the dance-moves. Shanju was also a member of a trio pop-genre vocal group prior to her joining JKT48.

Shanju can’t get off Twitter, “It is a must for me to check my Twitter account at all time. I also like to share pictures of my activities with JKT48 members and replying to the fans’ tweets to maintain the close relationship with them,” she claimed.




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SOLO, 27 JUNE 1998


27 JUNE 1998  SOLO生 
165cm, 50kg