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Shani Indira
[column size="two-third"] <hr /> [toc heading_levels="1,3"] <h1>Jakarta Shimbun Entry</h1> <blockquote><strong>Special ability:</strong> Modeling <strong>Hobby:</strong> Swimming, listening to the music <strong>Favorite word:</strong> "I can do it, absolutely!"</blockquote> <h3>Brave heart for fans</h3> She has hated high places and ghosts since her childhood. Her classmates like to tease her with a scary stories such as <em>pocong</em>, a ghost with white clothing. Shani likes to see herself in the mirror. But once after a scary story, "I hate it because a ghost is likely to come out," she puts a wry smile. When she visited Semarang in Central Java for the JKT48 event, she passed through the front of Lawang Sewu, a rumored haunted place there. It is the place where many people were killed, and the ruins still remain until now from the Indonesian National Revolution period. "Just the thought of it makes me shudder," Shani said. Sometimes she goes climbing with her family, but the views from the cliff also bring fear to Shani, who is not good with heights. Shani has now joined other JKT members. She intends, "If I have to go to high places or haunted places as the location of a variety show, I want to take challenge daringly. Because I want to see fans smiling." <em>English Translation by Japarta QC by RHKilis</em> <hr /> <h1>Profile Video</h1> <br /> <blockquote>Hi everybody, my name is Shani Indira Natio. People call me Shani and I am 15 years old. At the beginning, people easily identify me as a quiet person. But that is untrue, I am quiet when I meet someone that I don’t know much. I am somewhat weird and coward. I am afraid of heights and anything related to ghosts and invisible things. My motivation to be JKT48 member is to look for experiences and new family. I would like to be well known by many people. Of course, I want to be like our seniors in Team J, Team K and AKB48. Next, I hope JKT48 can grow much than today and be more popular. Thank you!</blockquote> <em>English Translation by Tilly</em> <br /> [/column] [column size="one-third" last="true"] <a href=""><img src="" alt="Shani" width="417" height="417" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-9451" /></a> <br /> [tabs] [tab title="English"] <h4></h4> <blockquote><strong>Shani 5 OCTOBER 1998 165CM/-KG/B LIBRA @N_ShaniJKT48</strong></blockquote> [/tab] [tab title="日本語"] <blockquote><strong>シャニ・インディラ・ナティオ シャニ 1998年10月5日生 165cm/-kg/B型 天秤座</strong></blockquote> [/tab] [/tabs] [/column]

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