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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobbies : Sightseeing, dancing, shopping.
Favorite food : Fried chicken.
Disliked food : Mushrooms and vegetables.
Self-made food she’s proud of: Fried rice.
Favorite words : Sweet words.
Ideal type of Boyfriend : White, handsome, kind.
Favorite school subjects : Geography, Art.
Most memorable moment as a JKT48 member : Meeting a lot of people during auditions.
Reason for entering the audition : Because I want to be an idol.
Closest friend in JKT48 : Lidya, Rachel, Hanna.

Like the fireflies, I will light up your days! My name is Saktia, but please call me Via.

The Girl who loves herself and the mirror.

I am a JKT48 fan before (I auditioned). They are all beautiful and that made me interested in entering the audition. I want to be like the powerful Rica Leyona-senpai from Team J,” said Saktia.

Although she hasn’t mastered her dancing yet, she is still able to use the length of her legs and arms to dance gracefully.

It’s like dancing is not only just a hobby to me,” said Saktia.

That’s why I need to keep developing myself to be better, just like any of the other JKT48 members,” said the girl, who has a kind of narcissistic side, since she’s always staring into the mirror in the back room.

Some say, that even after putting on her costume and applying her makeup, she will still spare a portion of her time to look into the mirror and take photographs.

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Hello, My name is Saktia and many people told me that I’m not really funny, but actually I’m funny, they just didn’t know me so well. My hobby is to staring at the mirror and sightseeing and dancing.

I got a lot of new thing here, like I didn’t know how to dance before but I can dance a little bit now. I also didn’t know how to sing at all but now I can sing a little bit.

I want to develop my talent, I want to learn about many things in JKT48 which I couldn’t get with a formal education. I also want to become a competent idol in JKT48 which my seniors in the first gen as my aim.



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1 OCTOBER 1995