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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobbies : Dancing, singing, swimming, fashion design, photography.
Favorite words : If we believe in our dream, one day it will be happen.
Favorite place : Beautiful and active places.
Ideal type of boyfriend : Same religion, Oriental / European looks and a hard worker. A guy who accepts me the way I am.
Favorite dating place : Vatican, Jerusalem, Rome.
Most memorable moment as a JKT48 member : The audition day and the day when I made my acquaintances with the other members.
Changes she felt after becoming a JKT48 member : She can speak in front of many people, so she’s trying to get on her own two feet, little by little.
Closest friend in JKT48 : Cinvia, Viviyona, Natalia, Hanna.
Most respected person after her parents : Teacher.

Heeey— Shake ‘yer Hip! I’m the crooked teeth Lady Rocker, I’m Rona.

I love singing, I really do.

Since she was a little girl. The cheerful and energetic Rona has always helped out her mom, who owns a boutique.

I really want to learn about fashion design in college” she said.

Rona is always cheerful and open-minded, that’s why she loves being in JKT48, so that she can get to know many new friends. Rona really loves singing and she has already been dreaming about being a singer ever since she was a kid, that’s why it’s not a surprise to see her singing everywhere: the bathroom or even in the streets. Now everyday she is busy since joining JKT48’s activities, but if she does have the spare time, she will spend it playing games on her mobile phone.

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Hello, My name is Rona Ariesta Anggreani, you can call me Rona.

I got a lot of friends in JKT4. We all also got new muscles with all the push-ups, sit-ups. We also got new friends who gave their supports for us, we got to know them.

My motivation is to develop my talent, to make my dream come true and to make my parents happy.

With me in JKT48, I hope JKT48 could reach more success, long live, cooler, more cheerful and getting more known to the masses.




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19 MARCH 1995