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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobbies : Reading novels, trying new things never been done before.
Skills : Girl-scout (Pramuka), dancing.
Self-made food she’s proud of: Instant noodles, omelet, fried rice.
Favorite words : Life is like a bundle of choices. You can do it if you try.
The thing she would ask for if she was granted a wish : To meet her late father.
Most serene moment : When I see the smile of my mom who protects me.
Most memorable moment after joining JKT48 : Being tense waiting for my audition number to be called, which was last.
Error done while performing on stage and created panic : When she accidentally hit Sisil’s hands during “Futari nori no jitensha”.
Things she would really like to do while still a member of JKT48 : Attempting new unit songs.
Notable changes after joining JKT48 : Singing ability improved and being able to understand the character of other members.

The cat-loving girl with her tiny eyes that show when she laughs. My name is Riskha.

Success for the sake of her most loved one.

I want to do my best for my most loved one,” said Riskha, smiling to us. Riskha lost her father in 2009.

My school fee was not cheap, that’s why I want to financially help my family. In JKT48 I can always progress and strive to become the very best,” said this strict girl.

Riskha is the youngest daughter of her family, to which she has three older brothers. Her mom, who works as a cook, always makes her meal every morning.

We have to always smile at everyone, no matter if we know them or not.” Those are the words taught to her by her mom and which are reminded to her daily, in order to help Riskha undertake her activities eagerly, in JKT48 or at school.

She tweets the most among her fellow second generation members because she always wants to spread positive things. Riskha really loves cats and keeps five cats as pets at home.

YouTube Profile


My name is Riskha Fairunissa. My hobbies are playing games on my mobile phone, singing -although my voice is bad,- I also love to dance and browsing.

My friends told me that I often forget my dance part and I often laughing by myself so…well..yeah, I’m weird.

JKT48 is the place to develop our talent, like I totally didn’t know how to sing, but I learn how to sing here. The same as dancing as well. The point is, all the things that I don’t have, now I have the chance to learn and to get it.




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22 MARCH 1996