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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

When will we be able to see a smile, behind her tsundere face…!?

Hobbies : Travelling, Playing (Video) games, Watching TV
Favorite Foods : Fried Chicken
Disliked Foods : Stink bean, Bitter gourd
Favorite Place : Home
Ideal Type of Boyfriend : Tall, Kind, Honest
Things she does during school break : Go to canteen, Walking around, Chit-chat with friends
Reason she auditioned for JKT48 : Wants to be an idol
Most difficult thing in JKT48 : Time Management
Thing she wants to do in JKT48 : Performing in Japan
Changes she felt, after joining JKT48 : No longer shy when dancing and singing in front of people
Closest friend in JKT48 : All Member

My Bag

I often bring my JKT48 notebook. And for now, I really love the bracelet that my dance teacher gave to me

As Bright as The Sun, As Soft as the Morning Dew. I am Dhike

Her Popularity Increased Since She Appeared on a TV Commercial.

Dhike is known as a tsundere (hard to express sweet side of her). For example, on a conversation someday

Staff : What subject do you like at school?
Dhike : I like Geography.
Staff : Oooohhh… so, you like to see the Earth map huh?
Dhike : Universe
Staff : Eh? Universe?
Dhike : But I hate the stars.
Staff : …..

Seems like she tried evading us. When could we see her cute smile? Until now, staffs find that its hard to communicate with her. But actually, she’s just hard to get along with someone else and she is basically a quiet person. Her smile when she feels embarrassed, is really cute. Together with Melody and Stella, she was chosen as the main cast for a TV commercial, as a result, her popularity increase. Raise your hand, if you want to feel attracted by her ‘tsundere’ smile!

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Biggest change she ever felt in JKT48 : A lot. I now know how to dance and also to meet the fans. I also have a lots of friends.
Her target as JKT48 member : Going overseas!
Dreams : Actress
The most difficult thing to do in JKT48 : Maintaining Eye contact with the fans
The closest members and what you do together : Sendy, Rica, Jeje. Mocking each others and cracking jokes!
Nickname you want your boyfriend to call you : Just my usual name will be enough
Place you want to celebrate your anniversary with your boyfriend : Dinner on a boat while listening to music
Body parts you most proud of : Eyes and nose
Your dream wedding dress : Like a princess and Palembang’s traditional dress.

“Tsundere” is now “DereDere” !?

Dhike who was affectionately called “Tsundere-chan.” now smiles more compared to when the first time she entered JKT48 claimed the one that left her with the most impression was OFC Event.

I’m not really into sports, but I’m happy since I could talk and joke with the fans,” said Dhike smiling.

Dhike now is a DereDere, she loves to be called feminine and cute by the fans. On her birthday, she commented,

Everyone was having the twin tail hair style since it was the 22nd,” said Dhike shyly.

And now, the Deredere Dhike will always dance the dance she loved.

HAI Magazine Entry 2012

Under her frigid face , Dhike actually have a ton of entertainment talents. Since she was a little kid, she already has dreams to live her life in the showbiz world.

I really want to be an artist when I was a child, and now that dream came true. This is my first experience in the showbiz world” She recalled.

Dhike is happy with her decision to join JKT48, although at first she doubted her decision to audition for JKT48. She was afraid it could be a scam.

But in the end, my heart told me to do it.” Says this girl who is usually called “Tsundere” by her fans.

For sure, various gifts were given by her fans to her. Surprisingly, there were also some unique gifts for Dhike. What kind of gift was that?

Someone gave me a saucepan. There’s a Stitch sticker on that pan” she said.





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