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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

Though she is not fluent in speaking Bahasa yet, she always try to do her best in dancing and singing.

Favorite Foods : Umeboshi, Nattou, Bakso
Disliked Foods : Bitter Gourd
Favorite Place : Library, Home
If she is granted one wish, what is one dream of her dream that she wants to be true : Make all her wish come true
Most difficult moments as JKT48 member : Running on the beach when they were shooting for a CM. It really hurts when you step on a coral!
Things she wants to do more, as a JKT48 member : Learn to dance, Sing, and speak Bahasa Indonesia
Changes you feel after became a member of JKT48 : I used to be a shy, panicky person when I get on stage. But now, I really love being on stage!

My Bag

I often bring snacks, umeboshi, and books. And recently, one thing that attract me the most is making a rubber ball using stacked balloons.

I want to become your teddy bear, I am a dreamer, not yet a writer. I am Rena Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~~!

Spoiled Kid at Home

Rena actually can only speak Japanese and English. When she just joined JKT48, she always ‘stick’ to Ayana who can speak Japanese. But gradually, Rena could communicate with other members in JKT48 as well. Even though she can’t speak Indonesian fluently, it turns out to be her charming point. Rena often have difficulties, and she is quite often practicing on her own to catch up with other members.

On her debut performance in Jakarta, ” I’m happy I succeed MC-ing and can change my costume quickly, although I always have difficulty with it on practice

When she is at home, she really like Japanese traditional food, such as Umeboshi (pickled plum) or Natto with white rice, and she doesn’t like meat. Her mom said that Rena still sleep with her mom at night, and she has never been involved in romance?!

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Happiest moment in JKT48: I’m happy when I can make people that look at me performing, smile.
Target you want to reach as a JKT48 member: I want to spread it around the world… Indonesian Idols!
Dream: Becoming a writer, someone that helps others. I want to help people that need help!
What you do before going on stage: use hairspray on my hair bangs.
Nickname from your boyfriend: just my normal nickname
Body part you’re proud of: teeth? Hahaha! I have no damaged teeth.
Skills you are proud of compare to other members: body flexibility, jumping power, doing the roll.
What you really want right now: a panda, a baby tiger, magic, a playground for myself.

Want to keep showing my smile to you

I have the feeling of wanting to keep showing my smile to you guys. Because of that I will always keep smiling,” said Rena.

Since the JKT48 theater opened, the amount of times Rena performed is the most in Team J. Her TV debut was on 18th December 2011, Rena danced at the first floor of f(x) mall in a small stage and it was the first time a handshake event was held.

At that time, the seats weren’t completely filled. Now, every day there are over 300 people coming to the theater,” said Rena while smiling.

Rena’s target now is to memorize Indonesian.

Since the beginning, I couldn’t really speak in front of crowds, but now I can. I want to increase my vocabulary so I can speak in more difficult conversations.

HAI Magazine 2012 Entry

I’m a dreamer, not yet a writer . I’m Rena! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

That’s Rena catchphrase. She really loves writing and reading. Thus, her obsession one day is to become fantasy or mystery novel writers, which are also her favorite genres.

Rena Nozawa is an original Japanese whom also born in Japan. For eleven years, this popcorn lover girl lived in Japan before moving out to Indonesia. If perhaps the other JKT48 members are learning Japanese, Rena is learning Bahasa Indonesia.




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NAGOYA, 6 MAY 1998


6 MAY 1998  NAGOYA生
168cm —