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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Strengths : Easily amused. Easily adapting. A good listener. Attentive.
Weaknesses : Not a good public speaker and sometimes a perfectionist .
Self-made food she’s proud of: Omelet, karaage (fried chicken).
Favorite word : Dream.
Favorite shopping place : Malls, Mangga Dua, online shops.
Most serene moment : When she’s relied on by a friend.
Most memorable moment after joining JKT48 : When I did the MC session during the Pajama Drive debut show. I’m not a good public speaker, but I tried my best since my friends were putting their faith in me.
Notable changes after joining JKT48 : Now she can speak in front of a lot of people and she’s now capable of applying make-up on herself.
Most respected person after her parents : Grandma.

I’m the artistic girl who’s striving to reach her dreams, my name is Vienny.

The No. 1 “Healer” who is always smiling.

Vienny, who dances energetically and has good vocal abilities, is already experienced in performing many traditional dances, such as Saman dance from Aceh and Jaipong from Sunda. This girl whose laughter could heal somebody’s sadness, already had a love Japanese music ever since she was in Junior High – and she really loves AKB48 songs.

I want to bring happiness to others, just like that,” Vienny said, who had already visited JKT48 theater to watch the show.

I’m really happy that I can join JKT48, but I still need to train really hard. I want to enter the senbatsu,” said Vienny, who is one of the top contenders among the members, who can memorize the dance choreography quickly, and is always on schedule.

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My name is Ratu Vienny Fitrilya. I..uh…sometimes a reserved girl but if you know me sometimes I do some crazy things and I kind of an airhead so…please bear with me.

I’m a lazy person! Um…I meant not diligent enough. I love to read, drawing, playing pranks and I love to eat!

My main motivation is to develop my talent and to find new experience, and obviously I wanna follow my 1st gen seniors track.



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23 FEBRUARY 1996


K3-Viny Ratu Vienny