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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobbies: Reading novels and comics, listening to music and watching movies.
Favourite food: Spicy food, vegetables, fish.
Hated food: Anything with coconut milk.
Favourite words : I love you.
Ideal type of man: Nice and cool, open minded and prioritizing his family over other things.
The moment you remember the most after joining JKT48: The last audition phase in Japan. Since it was the last phase, I was nervous about whether they would accept me or not.
Reason for auditioning: Wanted to try new things, wanted to gain dancing and singing skill.
Closest members in JKT48 : Lidya, Saktia, Vanka, Hanna.

Hello! Like a star that shines in your night. I’m Rachel

Even my school friends don’t know that I’m JKT48 member

When she saw JKT48’s 1st generation on TV, Rachel, who was in awed with the unionship when they dance and when changing their formation, decided the she would like to join JKT48.

Rather than resting, training is much more important for me now. Even when I’m back at home I always training,” said the girl who also enjoys playing basketball.

Rachel admitted that she could play a little bit of guitar. The reason behind this being that she really is a big fan of band Green Day and often listens to them at home. Her brother is also active in a band, so Rachel was able learn from her brother’s band.

I’m not really good at making jokes, so if I told my friends I’m now a part of JKT48, they will be shocked.

This shy girl, even in school, is known as someone who is reserved.

I want to try to get closer to all JKT48 members,” she said.

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Hello, my name is Rachel and I don’t know how to make jokes but I will laughed to anything. My hobby is basketball and listening to music.

(I want to) inspire people and to become a good idol. I also want to shared my life with people to inspire them.

I want to be better at making jokes and I want to befriend all the members here.




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10 APRIL 1999