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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Strength: A smooth talker.
Weakness: Childish.
Favorite word: Takbir.
Favourite place: Natural places with a nice scenery.
Ideal type of man: Religious, with a respect for parents.
Things she wants to do if she ever reborn as a male: To protect my family.
Favorite shopping place: Malls, sometimes the traditional market with my mom.
The first persons you let know about JKT48 audition: My grandma and grandpa in Palembang.
Celebrity she most wants to meet: Oomori Miyu (AKB48 Trainee), Justin Bieber.

Like an always jumping and energetic rabbit. I’m Uty

Attached with a great importance are her family and hometown.

Uty is a girl who has alway loved dancing and who has had some experience as a hip-hop dancer, and also Sumatra Selatan’s traditional dance, Gending Sriwijaya.

For me, being able to look after of the solidarity among members has been a very interesting thing,” said Uty, explaining her reasoning as why she became interested in JKT48.

Uty who came from Palembang, Sumatra Selatan has recently moved to Jakarta medio as of 2012. Her favorite food is the well known Pempek Palembang.

What’s interesting about Uty, is her heavy Palembang’s accent when she talks.

I want to be known better by people from my hometown. I love my hometown. If I was a president, I will moved the capital to Palembang, hahaha!” said Uty cheerfully.

Well, this is my voice and I’m also not very good at dancing,” said Uty, who currently still feels less than confident. But she admitted that she would try to overcome it with the support from her family and friends.

Her other routine is to watch the Europe Football/Soccer League with her dad.

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My name is Uty, I love to talk a lot and I’m a prankster. I love to eat but I always failed gaining weight, I don’t know why. My main motivation is to make my mom and dad happy.

JKT48 have a lot of members, but I don’t know why, I see them to be extremely in unison and have this strong bond of relationship. I hope with me in it, JKT48 will be a much better group. And currently not every single person in Indonesia know of JKT48, I hope one day, all people in Indonesia will know who JKT48 is.

It’s full of hardship here. In here for each and every choreography training, we have to go through some warm up like push-up and sit-up. At first I thought when I got accepted, that’s all that it needs to take to become a full fledged JKT48 member, but no, I still have to go through the trainee phase first.

I really don’t have any confidence, my voice is bad, my dance is awful. But my mom always said that anyone can do it if they try hard enough.





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17 NOVEMBER 1997