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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobby: Listening to music, reading comics, singing and dancing.
Expertise: Dancing.
Favourite food: Fried squid.
Least favourite food: Vegetables.
Favourite places: Beach, mountains and recreational places.
Moments that make her happy: Achieving success in what she’s doing.
Most memorable thing after joining JKT48: Met new friends who are like her own family.
Achievements she wants to get in JKT48: Becoming the best singer and dancing there is.
Closest member in JKT48: Viviyona, Novinta.
People she respects other than her parents: Her school teacher, JOT staff and seniors from Team J.

Hamster lover and takes a long time in shower, I’m Sisil.

Went to Jakarta for the sake of JKT48

Sisil is a 14-year-old girl with a tiny body and big eyes. This girl who originated from Palembang; moved to Jakarta for the sake of joining JKT48.

She’s been cheerleading in her school for 2 years. Praised by her teacher for her dancing ability, her dream is becoming a professional dancer.

In cheerleading, competing in a contest (dancing) is already enough. But an idol group is different because it collects and realizes the dreams of those people in the group. I’ll try to be a member fit for JKT48,” she said.

Sisil is a brilliant girl, who was in a acceleration class in junior high. She joined the JKT48’s 2nd gen audition on the advice of her sibling, who is also a JKT48 fan and her parents are also very supportive.

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Hello, my name is Priscillia Sari Dewi, you can call me Sisil. My friends told me that I might have a screw loose in my head. They also told me that I tried too hard to be funny and I usually stay quiet but I can laughed so suddenly without any particular reason.

My motivation is to make my parents proud.

I hope with me being here JKT48 could reach more success, better and funnier. (My aim) is to become a good member of JKT48.



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5 APRIL 1999