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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Strength: Getting other people’s attention.
Weakness: Slow at remembering things.
Goal: Modeling, activities that makes women feel pretty.
Favourite school subject: All of them, except Math.
Ideal dating place: The zoo; to watch the monkeys.
Most memorable thing after joining JKT48: Met new friends during the auditions.
Reason for attending the audition: To develop her talent and to make her parents happy.
Changes after joining JKT48: Getting a lot of activities and fans.
Closest member in JKT48: Dena.

I love monkey dolls, and people have said my laugh is unique. I’m Octi.

I want to make other people happy with my smile

The cheerful Octi, who has a habit of always saying “Okay~! Ufufu…” every time that she talks and has fun with something unusual. The same thing that happens when she introduces the songs and dances.

She has loved singing and dancing ever since she was a little girl and has always done it with a big smile.

I hope my smile can make the fans happy,” said Octi, who once fallen on the stage because of her clumsiness.

Octi, the youngest in her family, continued with “I want to learn about discipline, neatness, time management, and many more while being a member of JKT48.

Octi is a self proclaimed nerd who likes to read books, and says that her favourite writer is Dee Lestari. Besides reading, she also writes her feelings in a diary, which has become part of her daily routine.

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Hello, My name is Octi Sevpin. I kinda lazy in person, I love to sleep a lot and I love to eat stink bean.

My hobby? Sleeping. People told me that I’m scary, but I’m not.

I want to learn more here. I can’t dance so I want to learn how to dance and how to sing.

TN : Sorry if there are some missing translation since the voice track is almost inaudible due to the poor balancing between the voice track and backtrack.




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7 OCTOBER 1997
TENURE : 2012-2013