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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Strengths: Singing, drawing, playing the violin and piano.
Weaknesses: Not patient, has difficulties in confiding feelings.
Favorite place: My house in Bali.
Goals: To become a professional entertainer and to be a good mom like my mom.
Things that you would ask for if you could make a wish: To grow taller and be thinner.
Ideal dating spot: A picnic in a park that has a lake.
Most memorable things since entering JKT48: I could go to Japan. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to go to Japan.
Ideal type of man: Someone that loves my parents and family, he also has to be diligent and nice.
Celebrities that you would want to meet: L’Arc-en-Ciel, Keanu Rivers, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey.
People that you respect besides your parents: Family, teachers, staff and everyone else.

From Bali with love, always confident and optimistic. My name is Nobi

The mood maker from Bali

As a cheerful girl from the 2nd gen, during warming up, Novinta never stops talking. During high-touch sessions too, she often lets out her loud voice.

I want to be the number one entertainer in Indonesia,” says Novinta as she talks about her dream since childhood.

From the beginning, this girl who has had an interest in the world of entertainment, has loved to sing and dance. She has also studied making videos for 2 years and learned to play the piano for 4 years. Novinta thought that the opening of JKT48’s 2nd generation audition was a good chance to become an entertainer, a celebrity. This Novinta who always has some extra spirit / passion, then left Bali and moved to Jakarta.

My strong willpower will be a strength for me!” she says while laughing.

All 50 members of her family in Bali are very supportive of her dreams to achieve success.

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Hello my name is Novinta Dhini Soetopo. I’m an optimistic person, confident and sometimes over confident, and people often regards me as an assertive person.

JKT48 is like a stepping stone for Indonesian girls to become a real entertainer and we all know that entertainer is a dream for almost everyone, to become the public main attention.

I myself really want to be an entertainer since my childhood, so to be able to enter JKT48 is like a stepping stone for me to reach my goal as a real entertainer.



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26 NOVEMBER 1995