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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobby: Dancing, singing, traveling, and playing guitar.
Self-made food that she’s proud of: Pancakes.
Favourite motto: God has already chosen a happy ending for all of us.
Ideal man: Nice to his girlfriend, cool, tall, and doesn’t smoke.
Message to herself for 10 years from now: Become a successful and famous woman, have 2 children and be able to take her family with her on a world tour.
Something she would to do if she was a man: Become a pilot.
Favourite dating place: A romantic place, such as the Eiffel Tower.
Most memorable thing after she joined JKT48: First show of the Pajama Drive setlist, and the sense of joy when hard work pays off.
Something she would want to do in JKT48: Become a Team K member, and an idol who is supported by her fans.

Once you see my smile, you will never forget it, I’m Noella.

Admiring the entertainment world

Noella, who has learned Ballet for 8 years, shows us her flexibility on the stage.

I want to be an entertainer. JKT48 is the first idol group in Indonesia. The costume, songs… everything is different than the other groups in here. The dance is also more energetic,” said Noella.

Noella, though just having joined JKT48 not long ago; already has the ambition of moving forward with them, she continued with “but my dancing skill is still not good enough.

I want this idol group to become a group loved by many.

This girl has a lot of hobbies; from ballet, to playing a guitar, strolling, shopping and much more. On holidays, she loves to spend her time shopping for the latest clothes in mall. She also likes driving the car on her own; she’s even driven a car back and forth from Jakarta to Bali three times.

YouTube Profile


My name is Noella Sisterina and I’m 15 years old. I’m uh…people said that I’m grumpy while I’m not! and I’m a little bit shy when I meet someone new.

My hobbies are dancing and playing my guitar. My dream is to become an entertainer and I hope with me here, JKT48 could become an idol group that the mass gonna loves more and more.



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16 NOVEMBER 1997