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Confidence on stage!

Hobbies : Swimming
Favorite Food : Fried Chicken
Dislike Food : Tempe and Fish
Favorite place : Mall
Dream : I want to be a STAR!!!
Things she wants to do if she ever reborn as a male : To become a pilot
Most memorable moments as a JKT48 member : The manager and all the members celebrating my birthday
Hardest thing in JKT48 : Learning how to dance
Changes she felt after she became a JKT48 member : Now I can be more responsible for things
Closest friends in JKT48 : Beby, Gaby, Cindy, Delima
Celebrity she want to met : Avril Lavigne

My Bag

I always took good care of my hair, that’s why I have two combs. One for my bangs, and the other one for my ponytail

Patient and Pleasant, I’m Ochi!

JKT48 to [Go International] is this sweety, Ochi’s ambition. Thanks to her idol, Agnes Monica’s, dancing and singing ability, Ochi is inspired to bring JKT48 to international level.

My idol Agnes Monica is really multi-talented. I want to make JKT48 an international name just like her” Ochi said.

Well, Ochi is definitely not on par whether it comes to her singing or dancing ability compared to Agnes Monica. However everything begins from [zero] in JKT48 the place where members are given singing and dancing lessons.




Her soft and charming black hair is thanks to the Aloe Vera given by her mom

Ochi is good at singing and also can dance well. She loves to wrote an essay and poem, one day, she wants to write a short story. Her appeal is on her beautiful black hari. Her mom often gave Alove Vera’s oil on her hair.

Ochi loves to spend her free time reading the Koran together with her family. She really loves her nickname “Neneng” since it’s the name that her parents gave her* . Ochi is a girl that very confident up on stage and doesn’t nervous easily. For her, becoming an MC is the hardest part,

We need to talk with improvisation for a theme that already given to us. I really have to be careful for everything that I said so I could keep my fans satisfied, hehe…

*(TN : So this is the reason why she doesn’t want anybody else calling her that name ? )

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TENURE : 2011-2012


162cm, 48kg
保有権 : 2011-2012