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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Strengths: Dances that involve hand movements.
Weaknesses: Fainthearted.
Favorite dishes: Noodles.
Things asked for if granted one wish: Move her current home to Bali.
Things want to do if born as a boy: Wants to be a cool boy with a good fashion sense, and concerned about woman.
Favorite subjects: Computer, arts, psychology.
Mistakes done on stage that cause panic: When performing “Shiroi Shirt” I stood in the wrong position and the fans laughed at me, I was so embarrassed.
Members you are closest with in JKT48: Nadifa, Viviyona, Dellia, Riska.
Celebrity whom you like to meet: Kojima Haruna (AKB48).

Just like flowing water, it’s like my love to you

I want to explore the entertainment world!

This 16 years old girl with a “Lebak” accent who loves to dance and sing, is also experienced in dancing “Dogdog Lojor” and has participated in various regional contests. Natalia likes to go to her hometown in Banten when on vacation.

I want to explore the entertainment world with JKT48. I want us to be able to understand each other, as with the JKT48 Members, they have become like my own family,” said Natalia who likes to chat and is a little bit narcissistic, especially when shooting for TV because she often looks towards the camera.

I want to be an international Idol who can dance and sing like Agnes Monica,” she said. This girl also loves to watch movies, her favorite being Harry Potter as well as movies of the horror genre.

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My name is Natalia and I’m easy to make friends. I’m really talkative once you know me enough. My hobbies are sleeping, eating and I loves dancing and singing.

For me JKT48 is big family to its each and respective member. We’re here not only for performing but we’re here to learn, to make friends and sharing each other.

First of all I wanna make my parents proud, I really don’t want to disappoint my family and my friends who have supported me all this time to become a member of the idol group, JKT48.




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28 DECEMBER 1996